New Release: Tiny Time Machine 3 by John E. Stith

Amazing Stories® is pleased to announce the release of John E. Stith final volume in his young adult time travel trilogy today with TINY TIME MACHINE 3: MOTHER OF INVENTION. If you missed part 1 or 2, you can find them on sale this month. Each part is a standalone short novel, but together they tell an even bigger story. These books are released under the Amazing Selects™ imprint of Amazing Stories.

In TTM 1, Meg and Josh discovered a time machine built into a cell phone and used it to avert a disastrous future. But along the way, Meg’s father, the inventor, was killed.

In TTM 2: Return of the Father, Meg and Josh brought a sarcastic AI, Valex, from the future to help them enhance the tiny time machine so it can open a portal to the past, and did their best to rescue Dad before his ex-partner could harm him.

Now, Meg and Josh are back in a third installment, Their mission: to venture even farther into the past so they can save Meg’s mother before she dies in the hospital mishap that originally triggered Dad’s efforts to build the tiny time machine. Along the way, they must fix the future again and survive a final confrontation with Dad’s ex partner.



“John E. Stith is one of our very best writers, and this is one of his very best stories: a big idea explored from every conceivable angle. Tiny Time Machine is a triumph.” — Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner and author of The Oppenheimer Alternative.

“Stith brings a MacGyveresque enthusiasm, a Tom Swiftian innocence and ebullience married to technological savvy, to this story.” — Dr Paul Levinson, Hugo, Nebula, and Sturgeon Award nominee, and author of the Phil D’Amato SF mysteries.

“I’ll read anything by John E. Stith…. The description says it’s “for young adults,” but I disagree. While teens are going to love it, and it’s a novel featuring young characters, it’s so full of buoyancy and hope that adults will gobble it up, too.” – Deborah J. Ross, author of Jaydium and much acclaimed fiction.


You can find Tiny Time Machine 3 all the Tiny Time Machine books at Amazon. advantage of our sale and grab the first two books, if you haven’t read them already, also available at Amazon.

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