The Big Idea: Lida Sideris

Are you ready to dive into the very nature of reality? Lida Sideris is, for her latest novel, Murderous Means. Come along and find out what she knows.


What is real and what isn’t? I write fiction, but while I’m immersed in writing, the world inside the pages becomes very real to me. I can smell the lavender-scented air, brush my fingers along the soft tips of feathery pepper trees, and taste the delectable chicken pot pie devoured by the dysfunctional Means family, the suspects in my latest book, Murderous Means.

My heroine, Corrie Locke, asks the same question. What is real in her fictional world of private investigating? Is the psychic with the half-baked vision of a murder the real deal or a crackpot?

After reading an article about the tools that psychics use to make “high probability generalizations,” I had to ask what would happen if my heroine met a psychic head-on? That was the impetus for writing Murderous Means. I know what I think about them, which happens to be what Corrie thinks, too. Maybe that’s the Big Idea – psychics are crackpots.

Or maybe the big idea is that we are stronger than we think. My heroine rises high to meet many challenges, but what about me? Midway in writing this novel, #6 in my Southern California Mysteries, my fingers turned clunky, the keyboard wobbly, and the story wasn’t happening. So, I stepped away and returned to write something in a different genre. Soon, my fingers became nimble again, and ideas flowed freely…

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Source: The Big Idea: Lida Sideris

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