AMAZING NEWS: 2023 Year’s End Edition

We’ll start this off by –

Wishing all of our reader’s a safe, fun, happy and successful 2024 and

thanking all of our many contributors, friends, fellow travelers and fans for their efforts.

We already know that 2024 is going to be “interesting”.  We’re hoping that will be in a largely positive way.

(Hey, we’re all science fiction fans.  We all wanted to see the future, right?)

I’m thinking that it is going to be a very interesting year for Amazing Stories as well, so keep on visiting!

And now, the news –

The “Official Lemmy Community” would like you to join them for discussions of Robert A. Heinlein

You Too! Can Make A Black Hole!  NYTimes (paywalled) covers a new development in black hole science

OpenAI & Scientology – theological arguments are entering the AI sphere  (anyone remember Skashkash from Gilliland’s Rosinante trilogy?)

NYT Sues OpenAI

In the latest issue of SMOF News, Petrea Mitchell explains the issues surrounding the choice (or lack thereof) of hosts for newsletters.

CNN posts a list of things that happened in the world that “rival science fiction”.  (Hint.  NOTHING rivals Science Fiction.)

Green lights in the sky and “ten foot” unidentifiable creatures in the backyard investigated by police

Dashcam footage dramatically illustrates how physics works in the real world

In I, Robot news:  a robot at a Tesla factory attacked a human being

Tomorrow is PUBLIC DOMAIN DAY.  Get cracking on that Steamboat Willie parody.

Ellen Datlow (Happy New Year!) reveals the cover for her latest The Best Horror of the Year, Volume 15.

Dream Foundary’s newsletter recaps their year and highlights upcoming seminars and classes.

David Agranoff shares his thumbnail reviews of the 108 books he’s read in 2023.

Daniel Salvo shares a very impressive self-portrait.

David Agranoff shares Verbatim Book’s upcoming Meet the Authors

The South Florida Science Fiction Society announces a book discussion of Ray Naylor’s The Mountain in the Sea

CROWD FUNDING: Adam Gaffen has launched a Kickstarter to help support audio narrations of his works.

Al Sirois announces the arrival of his latest – Murder in Mennefer

Trailer for Voyager Documentary

SF Predictions:  The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961) portrays a “boiling” planet.

Had to add this graphic from Bob Eggleton (Godzilla’s Official Portraiture) about upcoming film releases.  See if you can find the movie that’s NOT a sequel or a remake!


See You All Next Year!

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