Rediscovered! Kelly and Laura Freas Artwork!

Copyright 2023 by Laura Brodian Freas Beraha

“It was a silly idea for a humorous cover for Amazing Stories [see below]. We never did make a painting of it, but I kept the sketch.

It was just an idea perhaps for a funny poster, art-supply catalog cover, generic magazine cover, whatever.

It’s not an illustration of any story, which is probably why we never made a painting out of it.

It was my idea to juxtapose a 1930s space girl, smiling at the 1930s cameras, with current astronauts looking bewildered.

Kelly sketched it out, however, it never went anywhere.”

This sketch was by Kelly Freas and Laura Freas. Recently shared with us by Laura Brodian Freas Beraha. Many thanks to Laura for sharing this bit of history with us!


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