The Get Lost Saga Continues…

A lot’s going to be happening in the next couple of months, so I thought I’d let you know what’s up!

First off, Lost Souls, the first novel featuring the reluctant exploits of Maurice “Moss” Foote, will be going on sale on the 10th for the rest of the month of October! If you haven’t read it yet, hold on to your pennies (99 of them) and get ready for adventure!

The reason for the sale is because the eagerly anticipated sequel, Lost Cargo, is on its way in November! Taking place right after the events of Lost Souls, we follow Moss as he gets himself out of one bad situation and into another… and another… and a few more after that. And it all starts because of one tiny little lie…

But wait, there’s more! Fans of Lost Souls might have noticed the epigrams at the start of each chapter, one of them being a memoir of sorts, And Then Things Got Worse.

Set long before the events of Lost Souls and Lost Cargo, And Then Things Got Worse covers the period after Moss was found as a deep-space popsicle to his first encounter with Violet Lonsdale.

Marvel at Moss’s wallowing self pity! Be amazed how much shallower he used to be! Wonder at how he stayed alive so long! And maybe see a glimpse of the man he would become – still cranky, still cynical, but trying to do better.

And you can get your hands on that story for free. Just follow the link, sign up, and start reading!

Will there be more of these? Perhaps! It is Volume 1 after all! And there is so much more to Moss’s pretty confusing backstory yet to come!

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