AMAZING NEWS: September 10th, 2023

Hobbits in the News:  Discovery of Homo Floresiensis still puzzling anthropologists

Footage from India’s Moon Landimg

Scott Edelman shares a photo from ConFrancisco, the 51st Worldcon (Hugo Cake)

“Dead” star has a pulse.  An unusual astronomical find unraveled

NASA crew splashes down after 6 month mission

Paul Di Filippo shares a cover reveal

Bruce Richard Gillespie recounts a fanzine scanning session

Melina M Snodgrass wants you to know her Wild Cards graphic novel will hit in October

Canadian friends Garth Spencer and R. Graeme Cameron share this Canadian Events Calendar

SMOF News, Issue 3, Volume 1 released

Is AI coming for your job?  Maybe, if your job is on this list

Well, maybe we aren’t going back to the Moon after all:  SLS “too expensive”

Now that India’s Chandrayaan-3 is on the Moon, what did it find?

Experiment successfully manufactures oxygen on Mars

There are three ways to recover asteroid samples – this is one

Speaking of asteroid samples – one will be returning to Earth in just a few days

Watch the skies – IF you want to see comet Nishimura (only comes around once every 430 years)
More comet-watching suggestions And even more! (I think astronomers want you to see this…)

Taking a different perspective on mythological gods

Chris Garcia makes the case for Fanzines

A look at how Ted Chiang’s story became a movie

Dinosaur legs are  grown on a chicken embryo.  Lots and lots of thoughts on this one:   “Bet they taste just like chicken!”  “Who will  get the Dino-wings franchise? ”  Why do I keep on hearing lectures on chaos theory in Jeff Goldbum’s voice?

1.4 million years ago, our ancestors were making stone balls.  Archaeologists are still looking for the wickets and mallets

According to at least one Guardian reporter, Star Wars is going “from bad to worse”

Sad news for a Fannish Icon:  The Hunt Valley Inn, home to many a Balticon, will be no more

ClarkesWorld suggest ways readers can obtain their issues

A new Dickheads podcast has been released

An interesting analysis of the flaw in every single adaptation of H.G. Well’s The War of the Worlds

Daisy Ridley is returning in another Star Wars property


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