Stupefying Stories #47 is coming this November

Paul Di Filippo reviews Malzberg

Jack Dann announces the publication of The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Alternate History

“Jargon Free” Explanation of LLMs (LOL)

Alien (looking) Virus found in Massachusetts (which is “real close” to Providence.  Just sayin.)

Damian Walter goes off on Apple’s Foundation series

Scott Edelman has a story in the latest issues of Lightspeed magazine

Dave Langford announces the availability of Hansen’s 1965 The Second UK Worldcon

Speaking of Dave:  The latest issue of Ansible is now online

Adam Gaffen offers a sale of A Piece of the Action, recently a finalist in the Colorado Author’s League awards

Chris Garcia has a Hugo Awards display at the Boulder Creek library

Populating the Future: Families and Reproduction in Speculative Fiction is now available 

My old blog – The Crotchey Old Fan – came up elsewhere recently.  Here’s a link to what remains

A new Blu Ray release of It The Terror From Beyond Space is out

Some advice before engaging with the Dune series

NASA reestablishes communications with Voyager 2

Thomas Fortenberry shares this illo of Kirk and his women  (TOS Kirk, just to be clear)

A clear case of Stack Confusion

Speaking of Stupefying Stories, Al Sirois’s Of Two Minds is now live

WEBB Captures Best Picture Ever of the Ring Nebula

Hey Sana Ho Sana, Fruit Flies Induced to produce virgin births

The Michael Burstein edited Jewish Futures anthology from Fantastic Books is now available (Kickstarter backers have or should be receiving their copies – I got mine!)

David Brin discusses “UFOs” with Forbes

GRRM Watches Barbie



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