CONTRARY BRIN: Stories by folks who know their science!

Let’s talk science fiction for a bit.  But first…

Sure, after finishing my duties in DC with NASA’s Innovative & Advanced Concepts program – (NIAC) – and giving some big-picture strategy talks, I came home with inflated sense of self-importance that only got fed by a rush of pod interviews about artificial intelligence (and the blithering-stupid “moratorium petition” that’s circulating among some of the world’s smartest folks.) For example… Just days ago I interviewed for the Skeptics Society’s Shermer Podcast, mostly on the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and existential threats – and my impudently unusual proposal for how to achieve that fabled ‘soft landing.’

Anyway, let’s turn to a field that’s far better-grounded…

… sci-fi.

The second half of this posting will consist of a foreword I wrote for a way-cool spec-fic volume of stories by folks who know their science!

Before that…

Source: CONTRARY BRIN: Stories by folks who know their science!

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