First Fandom has issued a reminder to all members to please fill out the survey they were mailed and return it by February 15th:  “This is likely your last opportunity to help our organization as we determine our future direction, now that the last original members are gone.” – John Coker

Ron Drummond shares Octavia Butler’s thoughts on the Columbia disaster on its anniversary

Paula Liberman mentions that you can meet Jane Yolen at this year’s fast approaching Boskone

Fran Skene encourages Canadian Fans to vote for CUFF

Where is Musk’s space-launched Tesla now?

AI Art in a Human World

Nuclear Waste could be the fuel of the future

Censorship Report:  Heinlein’s Friday is not on the banned book list

The Man in the Steel Mask, a film based on Algis Budry’s novel Who? is on Youtube.  Starring Elliot Gould, produced by Barry Levinson

Greg and Eric have a new son

Alex Shvartsman announces two new translated stories in Asimov’s and Analog respectively

Michael Swanwick is pretty jazzed about a newly discovered asteroid with rings

A very cool animated graphic illustrating, in real time, the relative  rotations of the solar system’s planets

John Scalzi offers up a very interesting theory on the origin of the relationship between Luke and Leia.  It’s the Osmonds!

Norman Spinrad links to an excerpt from The People’s Police on Amazing Stories

Somtow Sucharitkul shares the number of awards and selections that The Maestro has currently earned

Paul DiFilippo announces the appearance of a Sterling-DiFi collaboration

Adam-Troy Castro announces his selection as a Writer Guest of Honor at this years World Fantasy Convention.  Also, his computer is not “bricked”.

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