Captain Future – An Overview


Art by Frank Frazetta
Art by Frank Frazetta

Captain Future was a cross between a Science Fiction Pulp and a Hero Pulp (such as Doc Savage or The Shadow). Curt Newton was a recurring character with a crew who met novel-length adventures each quarter. Created by Mort Weisinger and Leo Marguiles (during the first SF convention in 1939!), the character was refined by the main author, Edmond Hamilton. These quarterly magazines were targeted to younger SF readers so there was plenty of action and daring-do but Hamilton included ideas as well. Like all Pulp heroes, Newton had companions (known as the Futuremen) to help him in his adventures: the robot Grag, the android , Otho and the brain-in-box, Doctor Simon Wright. Planet Patrol agent, Joan Randall, provides a love interest. Curt’s ship The Comet is also a regular. The Futuremen received a series of short back-up pieces that were fictional but written like they were factual. The author(s) of these pieces are not known though it probably fell to assistant editors…

Source: Captain Future – An Overview – Dark Worlds Quarterly

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