Welcoming Adrian Tchaikovsky to SOL SYSTEM

Adrian Tchaikovsky

One of our goals in this Amazing Stories Special Issue: SOL SYSTEM Kickstarter has been a special ‘chapbook’ to be first handed out to AmazingCon II attendees. Today we’re pleased to announce that the story which will be so published has been commissioned from award-winning British author Adrian Tchaikovsky!

Since 2016 Adrian has won just about every literary award known, starting with a Prestigious Clarke Award, BSFA awards, British Fantasy, Philip K Dick, a Sidewise, AND a Hugo Award!

While he writes fantasy as well as Science Fiction, Adrian is primarily known for deep concepts and tackling complex themes.

We’re all very excited to see what he’s created for the readers of Amazing Stories!

And don’t forget – our stretch goals for this Kickstarter include stretch goals to increase the author’s word rates.  Let’s show Adrian that he’s welcome and appreciated by helping us reach those stretch goals!

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