Updated: January 6th Hearing Coverage Begins Tonight

Uninterrupted by commercials or pundit commentary, the first evening of the hearings can be watched (rewound, paused and fast-forwarded) on C-Span, here.

There’s a lot to digest, even on the first “episode”.  Being able to pause the hearing, analyze, ruminate and consult other sources makes this a less daunting exercise.

Original post begins below.

The Congressional hearings investigating the January 6th Insurrection at the Capitol begin the night of June 9th at 8 PM EDT.

The hearing is being billed as a similar denouement to the Watergate Hearings that let to the resignation of President Nixon in the 1970s.

With the exception of the Fox News Network, all major broadcasters are expected to be covering the hearings.

Fox News has relegated their coverage to the Fox Business Channel.

The Hearings will not so much be investigating “what” happened as they will be directed towards illustrating for the American people what actually happened, who did what, when and, in particular, making the case that former President Trump was not only aware of attempts to stop the results of the 2020 election from being implemented, but planned, coordinated and directed the events both leading up to and during the  Insurrection.

Recent reports state that then Vice President Pence refused to be escorted from the Capitol by the Secret Service because of concerns that removing him was part of the plot to seize control of the government after Pence refused to do Trump’s illegal bidding.

Even more recent revelations suggest that Trump spoke with Secret Service officials TWO WEEKS prior to the Insurrection, attempting to get USSS buy in to a planned march on the Capitol following his January 6th gathering on the mall.

Here’s more detail on the upcoming hearing from Voice of America



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