Its Time to Drop the Price on Tiny Time Machine!

The Experimenter Publishing Company, LLC., is pleased to announce that we have lowered our retail price for John Stith’s phenomenal! Young Adult novel Tiny Time Machine.

It’s time to do that because if you were to take a short hop into the future, you’d find that we will shortly be announcing the publication of TINY TIME MACHINE 2, which continues the temporal adventures of Meg, Josh and Meg’s fathers cell phone time machine.

This price reduction is a teaser incentive, designed to encourage you to pick up the first part of the story (which is stand-alone) to prep for the second part of the story (also stand-alone but includes prep  work for the third part of the story).

Of course, if you had a time machine, this limited time offer would not limit your ability to take advantage of it, but seeing as how Meg has kept her father’s secret pretty well, and Josh doesn’t seem to be a blabbermouth, we’re pretty sure that you don’t have a time machine, so we’re not going to worry about it.

You can pick up your reduced price copy of the John E. Stith novel that Robert Sawyer called “A Triumph”, in our store or on Amazon.


Now seriously.  Do you really want to have to read Tiny Time Machine in a hasty rush because Tiny Time Machine 2 has become available, or would you rather read it at a comfortable pace that will let you enjoy each and every action-packed teenaged moment?

That’s what we thought.  So do yourself a favor and put a down-payment on keeping that TBR pile from getting life-threateningly tall.  We’ve met you half way by dropping the price.  Now it’s your turn!


Meg strikes us as a resourceful, intelligent, generally nice person, with a teenager’s sense of justice.  That ought to scare the bejesus out of any of who who haven’t picked up a copy of Tiny Time Machine yet.  You’ve been warned.  You’re on your own now.



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