The Experimenter Publishing Company, LLC, publishers of Amazing Stories will soon be releasing a new anthology from its Amazing Selects imprint!

Amazing Selects are “mini-magazines” focusing on a single author or subject, complete with fiction, non-fiction and illustrated throughout.  Prior titles include

Allen Steels’ Captain Future adventures – Captain Future in Love, The Guns of Pluto, 1,500 Light Years From Home and The Horror at Jupiter;

a collection of short fiction Adrift in the Sea of Souls by David Gerrold

a YA novel, Tiny Time Machine by John Stith (sequel coming soon!)

and the James Beamon edited anthology addressing police & justice reform – No Police = Know Future

and now, announcing –

something our Patreon supporters have known about for over a  week-

a new anthology, an anthology of historic import – literally.  Both the theme of this anthology and the individual stories contained therein (there’s 14 of them!) had and will have an impact on the Science Fiction genre, the import of which is incalculable.  Their influence still resonates throughout the field; the concept(s) they originated have become indispensable to the genre.

And now its your turn to play!

If you can successfully guess the theme of this anthology (all you need to provide is a general description of what you believe the contents to be) we’ll send you a free copy when it is published.  The first five – 5- correct answers will receive print editions; all others will receive an electronic edition.

Those working on the anthology and working for Experimenter/Amazing Stories are ineligible to enter.  The winners will be determined by Amazing Stories staff at their sole discretion.

Entrants must be registered members of this website (free membership) and must post their entry(s) in the comments on this post.  Contest begins with the publication of this announcement and ends on Monday, May 9th, at 11:59 pm edt.

Entries may be published in a  subsequent post on this website; entrant’s name and contact information may be redacted upon request.

Now have at it!  What’s our new anthology going to be all about?

* * * * *

We’re going to be doing a phased roll-out of this book.  It will first be available ONLY to our Patreon supporters (regardless of tier) at a discount;  it will then go on sale in our online store at a lower discount and will then be made available on Amazon and other outlets at its full retail price.  You’ll have several opportunities to obtain this ground-breaking anthology – free through our contest, deep discount for Patreon members, limited time discount for everyone and finally, full retail price.

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