Black Mirror is returning this fall

US Undersecretary for Defense for Intelligence and Security Moultrie admits attending SF conventions (maybe even in costume) during Congressional testimony on UAPs.

Live Action Captain Carter series rumored

“Amateur” Astronomer announces completion of 44″ Telescope (Mr. Tom Kaye is a friend of the publisher and is a multi-discipline genius)

Driverless car from Apple is now Windowless too

RIP Vangelis, Composer of Blade Runner Soundtrack

Earlier:  Foix News accuses new Trek to be “too woke”.  Now:  Trek Writer Responds (pretty much all of the others too, and most of the fans)

Voyager 1 Transmitting anomalous signals.  Everyone unfamiliar with space probes is invoking “V’Ger”.  V’Ger was a STUPID Trek idea that appeared in the first STUPID Star Trek film that was inexplicably successful and spawned many other Trek films, most of which are not worth watching and the few exceptions to that rule have now been sufficiently Memed to death.  (Besides,. NOMAD was a LOT smarter than V’Ger.  NOMAD, having merged with an alien probe, not an alien alien.)

What Sisko’s representation meant to one father (scroll down about halfway)

UK to issue Rainbow Pride coin

Graphic:  How a book gets published (yes, really!)

Mystery Space Ring is a Mystery, say astronomers

Q says that Piccard is his favoritist pet

Michael Swanwick writes about having a story produced for Love, Death + Robots

Deadline says re-do of Babylon 5 is still in the works (unfortunately, we think this is closer to not happening than happening)

1977’s “WOW!” Signal’s origin may have been identified (or, rather, a sun-like star is the region the signal would have come from has been found.)

Gregory Peck’s grandson talks about the responsibility of playing Spock;  does not mention Mockingbird feature of Hunger Games franchise at all.

It was just discovered.  It could be as much as 1 Billion Years Old and… It Might Still Be Alive.

Entertainment Weekly explains that “Tom Swift” is not “Nancy Drew”.  Well, isn’t that why the show is called Tom Swift and not Nancy Drew?

Playmobile Enterprise Set  (Anyone wanting to buy me a toy – THIS!) (will there be Doomsday Machine accessories?)

Candid shots of Han, Luke and Leia from Star Wars publicity tour

BCSFA Meeting Times & Agenda

Glitches do not prevent Boeing Starliner from docking with the ISS

Yawn:  Yet Another Trek Series Spins Off

A Little Bit of History You Might Not Know

Comedian Kate McKinnon Boards Mothership during SNL cold open, presumably goes back to where she came from

Men engage in abusive behavior towards chatbots.

Barnes & Noble being pressured to ban books

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SFWA Names Mercedes Lackey Latest Grand Master. SFWA Removes Mercedes Lackey From Programming at Nebula Awards

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