Anime roundup 12/10/2021: Sins of the Fathers

Ranking of Kings #8 – While Bojji trains merrily away, things are getting messier by the minute back home. Hokuro returns with the news of what happened to Bojji and is promptly sentenced to death by Hiling, but just when his fellow men-at-arms are about the carry out the sentence, Dōmas has yet another change of heart and rescues him, but then it turns out Bojji is alive and all the fuss was about nothing.

Hiling is meanwhile quietly sentenced to death herself by Bosse, who is turning out to be more and more carefree with his family’s lives. He found the strongest woman in the world, persuaded her to marry him despite his obvious chauvinistic leanings, and had the strongest baby in the world with her just so he could have someone to drain strength from and become the strongest person in the world himself. While he decided afterward that Bojji should be treated well, he didn’t enforce that, and now he’s condemning his second wife to death. I hope Bojji’s mother left him rather than dying mysteriously, she deserved better than Bosse.

Miranjo was already guiding Bosse when he made the pact with the demon. At some point, she got stuck in a mirror and wound up guiding Daida, though in retrospect the plan appears to be to put Daida on the throne so that Bosse could take him over. Bojji had to be spared, it seems, so that Bosse could continue to feed off his strength.

So what is Miranjo’s ultimate goal here? I think it really is to get Bosse up to the top of the rankings. Then I think she will tell him which treasure to choose from the vault, and let him take the burden of insanity that fall on whoever picks it and use the treasure for her own ends.


Rumble Garanndoll #9 – Akatsuki is a smart enough guy to realize that simply grinding the rebels beneath the jackboot of occupation isn’t going to stop the movement. So he tries soft power instead, only to be completely humiliated when Arahabaki completely owns him with guerilla marketing and then proceeds to further mock him by holding a festival for their degenerate culture right out in the open.

But the festival winds up unintentionally giving Hayate and Akatsuki an unfiltered look into the lives of the people whose spirits they’re trying to crush. There is a level on which they’ve started to understand Rin and Hosomichi as more than just enemies of the state. And then Munakata has to show up drunk and wreck it all. Someone punch him, please.

Rumble Garanndoll also takes a moment to reemphasize that families were split up and never reunited after the catastrophe caused by Arahabaki’s Garann fighting the initial invasion, and that Rin is one of those people who never found her relatives again. I wonder if this might mean that she and Hosomichi are long-lost siblings?

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Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut #10 – Irina and Lev have one last chance for a date before they both move on to greater things, and it nearly works out but then they’re rudely interrupted, because Irina is following the standard romance plot absolutely to the letter. Well, except for the part where instead of a kiss, Lev really wants to participate in another blood transfusion.

So it’s off to the big city for Lev, where he learns that PR is hard work. The burden is lightened, however, but the news that he has finally been selected as the first official cosmonaut. Mikhail is the alternate in case anything unfortunate happens to him, and boy does Mikhail look like he might be figuring out how to arrange something.

Meanwhile, Irina is off to the city too, but not to the design bureau, just to get studied more and then maybe to be disposed of. But it sounds like someone has clever idea to get her entangled in international politics instead. She might prefer death…

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Muteking the Dancing Hero #10 – Ceo now explains his villanous plot at length, because being in Big Tech, of course he has a TED talk about his plans to take over the world. Aida does in fact turn out to be an android, and the inconsistencies introduced by the prologue are settled by explaining it was all a lie.

Help is on the way, though it is help of varying quality. Owen turns out to be student of the Shawshank Redeption school of jailbreaks, but other than that he’s completely out to lunch and yet another entry on this season’s list of terrible dads: Gagumber, Taira no Kiyomori, Bosse, and now him.

The first person to rudely interrupt Ceo’s triumph is Vivi, who has survived the collapse of her arcade, swum across San Francisco Bay, and still has enough energy to kick butt in high heels. She’s getting awfully close to the Tragic Trans Person trope, though, and for both her sake and my respect for this show, I hope she pulls through. Between Muteki’s family, Vivi’s family, the sports guys, George, and Suteking (who I’m pretty sure is another species of alien at this point), that ought to be enough people to save the day before anyone has to become an actual martyr.

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The Faraway Paladin #8 – After considering the situation, Will and Menel decide that maybe rather than making an immediate frontal assault on a mountain full of demons, they should go shopping for supplies first. This leads them into an encounter that expands their group to a full adventuring party with a halfling bard and her human friend.

I’m not sure what Tonio’s class is yet, but the rest of the episode eases off the obvious D&D borrowings and lets us concentrate on characters again. Bee and Tonio are good travelling companions, and Bee’s tale of the great heroes and the wyvern reminds us that there is one good dad this season, namely Blood. And it also provides an adventure hook, in the form of the half-elf woman still alive after two centuries. Probably the party needs to go take care of the demons first before visiting her, though.

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