Facebook is a leading distributor of Troll Farm bunk

An early example of Faan Fiction?

Before he was Mega:  Stan Lee Documentary from ’96

Captain Kirk hitches a ride from Bezos

Discon III FB Page Links to “You don’t read comics, do you?”

“Something” Hit Jupiter (It didn’t seem to notice)

A Mach-Effect Space Drive Coming to a Theater Near You

David Brin wants us to read about William Gibson’s script that changed the Alien Franchise

Disappearing Stars

Chuck Finlay, Serial Book Borrower

Apple’s Foundation, the Gift that keeps on giving – to reviewers who need to let their snark out

AI deciding Film Production

JMS Reveals B5 Reboot

Problems with RAH

Asimov was not a great writer.  Your point is?  (Hardly matters when you sell nearly 500 books)

Lithub asks “Will the Foundation Series Finally Do Justice…?”  Don’t bother clicking, the answer is “No”

Blimps Back in the News

First Humans on North American Continent Here Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

Artist’s Rendering of the Martian Surface

Words Matter:  Danish Artist Walks Away with the Cash

Black Widow No Longer Needs to Break Disney Heads

Librarians Under Assault EVERYwhere (defending literature against censorship

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Sci Fi Short Film: Bring on Tomorrow | Dust

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