AMAZING NEWS: September Fifth, Twenty Twenty One

New Releases, Jack Chalker profile, Mars rover news, Adam-Troy Castro, more

ASFA seeking some recommendations for software that will help inform convention Art Show managers.

Which technology will win the race?  A real room-temperature superconductor, or Nuclear Fusion?

John Varley has Covid;  appears to be doing ok.

“Life finds a way”:  Baby Shark “miracle” birth

Jack L. Chalker profiled by Maryland Writer’s association.

Authors or Editors?

How to Pitch a TV Show…or Not

NY Review of SF Readings Updated Appearance Schedule

Visual Diary of War in a Sketchbook

US Army’s Giant (Nuclear) Mecha Bot

Adam-Troy Castro’s Tribute Story to his late wife

Moonfall Trailer.  (Bring the barf bag)

A Brief Intro to Judith Love Cohen

China’s Mega Spaceship

Martian radiation may restrict visitors to four year stay

Wendy Pini IS Red Sonja!

Powerful PSA About Vaccinations

Pastafarians Get a New Hymn

Perseverence Successfully Obtains Rock Sample

When it Comes to Abortion Rights, the Satanic Temple is Your Friend

Upcoming Major Book Releases

Ray Bradbury wrote the first draft of Fahrenheit 451 in 49 hours

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