Note:  Amazing News is a bit truncated this week as we have not been gathering items for the entire week.  This feature should return to its regular form next week.

“Astronette” to join Blue Origin Inaugural space flight.  Wally Funk, one of the Mercury 13 test pilots, will join Jeff Bezos on the inaugural flight of his Blue Origin’s space tourism flight, after unjustifiably waiting decades to earn her Astronaut title.

Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press will host a monthly virtual open house, which started yesterday, July 10th, via zoom.

“Rape Colored Skin” author Caroline Randall Williams nails privilege, discrimination and historical legacy in this NYT piece

Cuttlefish learn while still in their eggs and may hold the key to why some species develop “intelligence” and others do not.

We now have an answer to Philip K. Dick’s Perennial Question


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