A major licensing agreement using the Amazing Stories name has been terminated owing to non-payment.


Experimenter Publishing Company Terminates Amazing Stories Licensing Contract

HILLSBORO, NH, April 8, 2021

The Experimenter Publishing Company, LLC (Experimenter Publishing) via it’s legal representative, has served notice on a licensee that following numerous and on-going breaches of its contract, Experimenter has decided to terminate the licensing agreement.

Prior issues with this licensee resulted in a renegotiation of the original licensing agreement. Renegotiation does not appear to have changed the licensee’s behavior(s), which include serious breeches, including a failure to pay and a failure to honor other contractual obligations.

In short, once the paperwork was signed, the licensee has acted as if they no longer had any obligations to Experimenter Publishing .

It should also be noted that Experimenter views this situation as similar to that being experienced by authors, such as Alan Dean Foster, in whose case, Disney has not paid royalties to since their acquisition of the Star Wars entertainment properties.

While Experimenter Publishing is continuing to pursue it’s legal rights in this case, it has had an adverse effect on Experimenter Publishing’s ongoing operations.

Due to the failure to pay and due to the many other costs directly related to this contract, Experimenter Publisher is currently no longer able to maintain the publishing schedule of Amazing Stories magazine, and that publication has been placed in hiatus pending the resolution of these issues. Experimenter Publishing hopes to get our current issue, featuring Canadian Writers and Artists, published once we raise funds to cover expenses.

The Amazing Stories website will continue to publish on a daily basis and is not expected to be affected.

Amazing Selects, Experimenter Publishing’s line of books will also continue as scheduled as it’s self-supporting and all artists and writers here will continue to be paid their royalties and advances.

A Patreon account to help support Experimenter Publishing’s on-going legal expenses has been established and may be found here

For additional information, please contact

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