SPECIAL NOTE:  The coming days may be fraught; the FBI and other intelligence agencies are reporting on a high level of electronic insurrectionist chatter and the press is reporting increased communication of “Civil War” related talk, particularly from Republican associated sources.  There is increasing evidence that the raid on the Capitol building was planned in advance and it is also looking more and more likely that members of Congress and other governmental agencies may have contributed intelligence, monetary support and planning.  Many of us are tempted to say that this is not the America we know, but it is now.  Be safe, be smart and maybe do a little long-range planning, as this looks to be something that will persist for quite some time.

GOFUNDME for Crystal Huff: A GoFundMe has been started to fund Crystal Huff’s legal expenses. Huff is defending themself against a defamation suit brought by Noel Rosenberg. At this writing, $3,404 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

Nice Website!  Outer Places – Where Science Meets Science Fiction. is a media/entertainment destination at the dynamic intersection where science meets science fiction.

Many were convinced that the invasion had begun.  Mystery lights over Glasgow.

A Blog is reviewing the archives of the SF LOVERS email list, one of the first and most widely distributed of such things, beginning in 1980.

A new internet, where user’s control their own data?

Take a 40,000 year long nap.  Try it, these worms did.

Dark Worlds reprints Wilson Tucker’s critique of Weird Tales magazine’s stories.

Camestros Felapton reviews WandaVision

Wold Newton Family?  Do they have a PAC?  Get up to date on what is arguably Phil Farmer’s greatest creation.

Why not just call it an EGameBoard?  Digital game board.

New Release:  Melinda Snodgrass’ Currency of War.

New Release:  Invisible Men:The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books by Ken Quattro.

Free Art, doesn’t usually mean 709,000 pieces of museum-quality art, but this time it does.  Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

More Dark Worlds (twilight?):  Leigh Brackett & Edmond Hamilton in their own words.

If King had put this kind of dome over that town, it would have been a very short story.  Hawaiian Lava Dome.

IHeartPluto Festival scheduled.

Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there.  Peanuts Gang sings Roundabout.

New Project:  Buckaroo Banzai sequel coming from Dark Horse.

One of our Black Holes is Missing.

Is DC Leaving Its Legacy Behind?

Great (vintage, lol) Interview with William Shatner from 1979.  Shat discusses the movie, Star Wars and fans.

15th Century Nuns were Badass:  Last Supper Painting restored.

Snack Foods Could Be a Danger to the ISS (I’d prefer to see a study comparing the “clingyness” of Cheetos and Moon Dust.)

New Release:  Blue Horizon’s Rocket Aces Test.

Here They Come:  Thousands of “Religious Freedom/Christian Nation” Bills anticipated across the country (and lawsuits). And:  When was the last time you checked out your kid’s textbooks?  Some Echo Trumpian Narratives.

Nnedi is very happy: Tessa Thompson joins Who Fears Death Production Team.

National Air and Space Museum Unveils Destination Moon, featuring Chesley Bonestell Mural.

Stamp of Approval for Le Guin:  USPS to Release Ursula Le Guin commemorative stamp.

Galaxy Quest Sequel?  Looking good.

Coming Soon:  For All Mankind, Season 2.  Looks like war on the Moon. (Trailer.)

SLS Hot Fire Test successful, but shorter than planned.

Just a reminder about David Brin’s “TASAT”, There’s A Story About That!

Well effin duh!  Build a greenhouse AROUND your house.

Cartoon comments on books.  (Younger fans may not get it.)

FM Signals Recorded from Ganymede.  (Sorry, it’s not transmissions from a Boy Scout troop earning merit badges.)

Want to learn how to be better at spotting misinformation?  Play this free game.

New State of Matter is One Dimensional.  (Huh?  Read it to find out.)

What we all knew now has proof:  Police are three and a half times more likely (and probably more) to use physical force against left wing protestors than against right wing protestors.

New Release:  Troll Bridge: The Movie Picture, based on a Pratchett tale.

Cool Collaborative Space Art.

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Saturday 1/23: Ted White interviewed by John D. Berry on Zoom.

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