Cats Sleep on SFF: Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark
Kendall’s submission is not a cat, not asleep, but there is sff — Not sure if this counts but it’s an old empty bottle of wine in the shape of a cat, posing on one of the books I got for

Second Round of 2020 BSFA Awards Nominations Begins
British Science Fiction Association members will have from January 18 until February 5 to help choose the BSFA Awards shortlists for works published in 2020. The voting form is available to BSFA members here. In the first round, members nominated a longlist of 46 novels, 43 works

Pixel Scroll 1/16/21 I Was Deleted You Won The War, Pixel Scroll, Promise To Read You Forevermore
LE GUIN IN PERSPECTIVE. “It’s not Jung’s, it’s mine: Language-Magic” at the London Review of Books, Colin Burrow offers an overview of Ursula Le Guin’s career. …But in the hands of an author like Ursula Le Guin, science fiction

GoFundMe for Crystal Huff’s Legal Expenses
A GoFundMe has been started to fund Crystal Huff’s legal expenses. Huff is defending themself against a defamation suit brought by Noel Rosenberg. At this writing, $3,404 of the $10,000 goal has been raised. Huff told told Facebook followers in

BSFS Opens New Investigation of Harassment Complaints
The Baltimore Science Fiction Society has announced a new investigation of harassment complaints to be conducted by an outside investigator who will be looking into complaints the club addressed in an earlier statement. In the meantime, Balticon 55 chair Eric

Pixel Scroll 1/15/21 Scroll With A Pixel Earring
LET THERE BE LIGHT. Besides the Le Guin stamp coming out this year, the United States Post office has announced they will release a series of stamps highlighting images of the Sun captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. …The

Le Guin Will Appear on U.S. Postage Stamp This Year
The United States Postal Service announced today it will issue a stamp featuring one of the greats of science fiction, the late Ursula K. Le Guin, in 2021. The stamp portrays Le Guin in front of a scene from one

Fozard Guest Post About Resigning as Worldcon Co-Chair
By Colette H. Fozard: By now the news has been announced. I resigned as co-chair of DisCon III. I have been part of the Worldcon community since 1995 when I attended Intersection as my honeymoon and I welcomed my now

DisCon III Co-Chair Fozard Resigns
DisCon III announced today that Colette H. Fozard has resigned as co-chair of the 2021 Worldcon committee.

Pixel Scroll 1/14/21 The Unpleasant Pixel Of Jonathan Scroll
COSMIC RAY. The Waukegan Public Library is taking submissions to its Cosmic Bradbury Writing Contest through January 29. Complete guidelines at the link. The winning submission will be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card and will be formally recognized

Most Remote SF Bookstore in the World?
By Dave Doering: Meet “Book Island” in the town of Saint Denis on Reunion Island—a small speck in the vast Indian Ocean: Despite its remoteness, it boasts a classy bookstore highlighting its Science Fiction specialty: Reunion Island is a province

Hoshijo Moves to Saga Press
Amara Hoshijo has joined Saga Press as an editor. Amara comes there from Soho Press, where she was working on crime fiction, literature in translation, and select science fiction titles, including The Seep by Chana Porter, Annie and the Wolves by Andromeda Romano-Lax, and the forthcoming Midnight,

Pixel Scroll 1/13/21 The Scroll Is A Harsh Mistress
OVERVIEW OF THE NEW LOTR SERIES. Amazon just unloaded Parler but now they’re bringing back Sauron? What are they thinking? io9 has the story: “Amazon Reveals Lord of the Rings TV Show Details—Sauron Returns”. …Confirmed via a synopsis provided

Journey Planet Nominated For Irish Comic News Awards
By James Bacon: Journey Planet has been nominated for an Irish Comic News Award, in the Best Comic Related category. Two issues this year, Swamp Thing (Journey Planet #49) and Battle (Journey Planet #50) were focused on comics as a subject, while

Pixel Scroll 1/12/21 Our Operators Are Standing By. On Three Legs
55 ISN’T JUST A GOOD IDEA. Cora Buhlert, in her new series “Fanzine Spotlight,” interviews Hugo eligible fanzines and fansites and the people behind them. The first post features Gideon Marcus discussing one of my favorites: “Fanzine Spotlight: Galactic

2020 Horror Writers Association Awards Diversity Grants
The Horror Writers Association (HWA) has announced the recipients of the 2020 HWA Diversity Grants. The grants were created because “The Horror Writers Association believes barriers—often unseen but very real—exist which limit the amount of horror fiction being published by diverse

DisCon III Abandons Previously Announced Hugo Policy
Bill Lawhorn, Chair of the 2021 Worldcon, DisCon III, announces that the committee has reversed the Hugo Award-related policy published yesterday that would have limited the number of creators identified with a finalist for certain purposes, such as the ballot

Pixel Scroll 1/11/21 The Muppet Pastors
LIGHTS OUT AT PARLER. When Twitter banned President Trump and purged thousands of QAnon-linked accounts that fell under the company’s “coordinated harmful activity” ban (due to concerns about online incitement leading to violence), Parler was one of the alternative

2021 Critics Choice Super Awards
The inaugural The Critics Choice Super Awards were presented January 10 in a ceremony broadcast on the CW. Amazon’s The Boys led the field with four awards, including best superhero series. The show’s Antony Starr won twice for the same role, as best actor

DisCon III Announces 2021 Hugo Award-Related Policies
DisCon III, the 2021 Worldcon, has announced how they will administer this year’s Hugo finalists which have multiple individual creators. They also are creating a Hugo Concierge Team to assist finalists with issues connected with the award. DisCon III’s Hugo

2021 Bose Grant Open
The Speculative Literature Foundation is taking submissions for the 2021 A.C. Bose Grant for South Asian Speculative Literature through January 31, 2021. The A.C. Bose Grant, established in 2019, is an annual grant of $1,000 given to a South Asian/South Asian diaspora

Pixel Scroll 1/10/21 I’m The Pixel Of Hugos Past And I’m Here To Warn Mike Not To Use That Scroll Title
DAVID WEBER OUT OF HOSPITAL. A good news post yesterday at the David Weber the Author page on Facebook: Latest update from Mr. Weber: It’s official. The paperwork needs to be processed, and that’s gonna take a

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