Latinx Creators in a Comic Book World

8 Things to Look Out for When You Vote

A Book Seller’s Dream

You’ll Need a Water Softener on Mars

Psychologists try to figure out what kind of personality goes for conspiracy theories

If you’re on FB and HATE the new look (like most apparently do), here’s a fix

Mini-Fusion reactor plan looks promising

Metaball updates its starship size comparison video – includes Ringworld

Black holes and galaxies from the beginning of time

Cee Three Pee OH!

Not Genre:  Right Wing Militia Bracing for War

Reviews agree:  It IS a Brave Nude World

Paul Levinson Update: Hi everyone!  A few big updates: =1= Due to popular demand, I’ve moved “Follow the Leader” (my 1971 anti-conformity, anti-fascist studio demo) from a Twice Upon A Rhyme bonus track to a standalone single on Bandcamp.  So you can all listen to it, for free, anytime, on Bandcamp, and all the usual places like Spotify.  =2= You can now purchase all three items on my Bandcamp page at a 35% discount (click on any item and scroll down).  That means Twice Upon A Rhyme ($7), Spun Dreams ($7), and “Follow the Leader” ($1) can now all be purchased as a discount package for $9.75. (This does not include Welcome Up, which is on the Old Bear Records page.)  =3= I’ve added a new bonus track to Twice Upon A Rhyme on Bandcamp: a wilder version of “I’m Seeing You In A Different Light” (less country, more rock, a studio demo).

ISFiC still being hosted: Although Windycon will not take place as an in-person convention this year (and a further announcement about that is coming this week), we will be running the ISFiC Writers Contest.  Updated rules and timeline at located at



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