AMAZING PEOPLE: Veronica Scott Helps Narrate Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever Audiobook


What price love?

Can Kirk really love the Enterprise more than Edith Keller?  (Or maybe what he values more is an entire future and the trillions of sentient beings inhabiting it.)

star_trek_city_edge_forever_grabHarlan Ellison’s screenplay – The City on the Edge of Forever is at least triply famous:  famous as one of the most beloved episodes of Star Trek: TOS; famous as the subject of a series of author rights issues (and a legendary conflict between Roddenberry and Ellison) and famous as the original script (far different for that telecast) that is now being turned into a full cast audio book production from Skyboatmedia.

Veronica Scott, our expert on all things romantic of the science fiction kind participated in the Kickstarter that funded the project and won the right to narrate a character, voicing along with such Trek luminaries as Levar Burton and David Gerrold.

You can read a full account of the adventure on Veronica’s website.


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