AMAZING NEWS: 9/20/20: RIP Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

That “service jobs will be taken by robots” thing is closer in Seoul than you think…

Contagion movie kinda prescient according to one of its actors

John Boyega is the kind of stormtrooper we can get behind

Leviathan Falls, the latest, and last novel in the series, is released to much ballyhoo

Do you write science fiction?  Are you into international maritime security?  Then THIS is the writing contest for you!

Floyd tune featured in a Dune trailer…there’s a history.

A lively discussion of John Norman’s GOR series erupted on Facebook (it happens), which led to the uncovering of this parody – Houseplants of Gor.  (Don’t forget to assume the proper position for reading GOR Parodies!)

Tribute to Charles R. Saunders, founder of Sword & Soul

Want to see science fiction authors arguing with science fiction authors?  SF Fans arguing with SF Authors?  Even SF Fans arguing with each other?  Check out the scans of the complete and award winning P/s/y/c/h/o/t/i/c/…S/c/i/e/n/c/e/ F/i/c/t/i/o/n/ R/e/v/i/e/w/…P/s/y/c/h/o/t/i/c/…S/c/i/e/n/c/e/ F/i/c/t/i/o/n/ R/e/v/i/e/w/…R/i/c/h/a/r/d/ E/./ G/e/i/s/…A/l/i/e/n/ C/r/i/t/i/c/…Science Fiction Review on

Special Bruce Richard Gillespie Section:  SF Commentary publishes special John Bangsund tribute issue AND SF Commentary wins Ditmar for Best Fan Publication (shared with Be the Serpent podcast)

This piece invokes the spirit of Bradbury in defense of Lovecraft

Celebrating the art of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Author of as if in dreams offers newsletter

More excoriation of JK Rowling

Mainstream criticism of Science Fiction, Harper’s Magazine 1939 style

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Captain Future & Allen Steele Feature in

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  1. That Crisis piece makes me want to go to the lical Barnes & Noble and count the number of books on the shelf by “cancelled” authors H.P. Lovecraft and George R.R. Martin.

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