Paul Levinson on Air TONIGHT!

TONIGHT! LIVE! (from a recording of a live performance) IN PERSON! (not a facsimile) FIRST TIME EVER (on radio) P A U L L E V I N S O N !

Paul Levinson

First time on radio! First part of my live 2015 LI-Con2 concert on Destinies radio tonight 11:30pm-12:00am, with Peter Rosenthal and Bob Rosenthal on guitars, singing songs from Twice Upon A Rhyme and more. Listen here:

Streema/Simple Radio:
Radio Garden:

“Welcome Up (Songs of Space and Time) is a contemporary dispatch, firmly sent. It hits the ear as the best kind of long-delayed follow-up to a phenomenon of cultish proportions; unstrained, totally comfortable in the present time, but sounding like nothing else on the current scene.”
— Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, Jun 10, 2020

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