AMAZING NEWS: March 24, 2019

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Author Paul Levinson Wrestles with O’Reilly on the news media and Trump.  Levinson wins. O’Reilly thinks he won

Facebook Didn’t Properly Store Thousands of Passwords

Trigger Warning Study:  May not be as effective as originally thought

David Gerrold Gets Your Facts Straight For You

Are some Dem candidates too “woke”?

A Woman Wins Top Math Prize for the First Time

No Surprise This Comes From Florida:  Bill would make Book Banning easier

The White Hero, POC Sidekick Thing has got to go


Stranger Things New Trailer

The Flinstone House is an Eyesore 

Here a tesseract, there a tesseract, everywhere a tesseract:  Confused by this McGuffin’s history?  Read on

Fox & Disney:  Super Heros are celebrating the reunion

Parody Cow’s Twitter Feed More Popular than Congressman’s

GOTTA Get Me Some Captain Rocket Comics

Graphic Novel edition of Have Space Suit Will Travel is now shipping


Writer’s Guild, Agents and Packaging.  Every writer and agent and editor should read this

One More Month to Vote for TAFF

Consider Contributing to the Peggy Rae Sapienza Endowment at Northern Illinois University

PreOrder The Skies Have Gone Rogue

Here’s one you don’t see every day:  an illustrated Poetry of Pulp, with poems by Lovecraft, Howard and more

Kurt Vonnegut didn’t write science fiction

Joe Lansdale begins his book tour

Helisophere registration ends March 29

Right here was going to be a link to a post about a new publisher, the White People’s Press.  We’re not linking to it.

Why SF Fans Are (Mostly) Left Wing


Crop Circles on Mars

Apollo Astronauts Tell Tales of Spaceflight

NASA’s Mars Copter

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