AMAZING (almost the shortest day of the year) NEWS: 12/22/19


The definition of antisemitism is being weaponized

The Force is with our People:  Indigenous Peoples and Star Wars

2nd Hand Ebook Sales are a no-no


Siberian Ice Drummers make a cool sound

Rocket Bike

ALL (and we mean ALL) of ACME’s Product Offerings in one poster

My First Rocket

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker only gets a B+ Rating;  Third best opening for Disney Star Wars and 57% Critics Rating on RT

Post-Apocalyptic Film Tropes – you can’t enjoy the end of humanity without them


Paul Levinson unveils his new album Songs of Space and Time

The Lovecraft movie has a problem

The New Republic Publishes a hit piece on science fiction, but it’s really anti-intellectualism in disguise.  Read this essay before reading the article.

Polar Borealis magazine will be opening to submissions again

What Should a 7 Year Old Read After The Martian?


This one went bad

It’s a commercial, but it demonstrates how real HD is becoming

Tiny Nukes

The Mars Mole is Digging Again

Chinese Moon Rover Breaks Record

This Bonsai Tree Survived Hiroshima, and is 391 years old

Speaking of trees – Australia is Burning

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