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November 20th’s reading by Amazing Stories authors has changed its venue.  Please see the announcement here for more information.


Conversion therapy founder comes out as Gay The therapy is nothing but psycholoical torture, but still persists in some misguided corners

Black Americans did not fight for the Confederacy

Secret Consumer Scores You can get yours.

NASA’s “Hidden Figures will be given the Congressional Gold Medals.  (‘Bout time)

Alito and Kavanaugh asked to recuse themselves from LGBTQ cases: Both took photos with president of the anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage.  (OS Card was a board member of this organization.  He infamously wrote: “I will act to destroy that government and bring it down, so it can be replaced with a government that will respect and support marriage.“)


Martin Scorsese:  “Let me explain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up.”  Filmmaker explains the difference between “film” and “cinema”
Mini-editorial:  At the end of his piece, Mr. Scorsese says the following:  “There’s worldwide audiovisual entertainment, and there’s cinema. They still overlap from time to time, but that’s becoming increasingly rare. And I fear that the financial dominance of one is being used to marginalize and even belittle the existence of the other.”  (Emphasis added.)  I fear that the same may be said about Fandom.  End mini-editorial.

Last Star Wars Flick is in Trouble, so say fan analysts

B&N Blog Rounds Up SF & F Award Winners

Safari is Swahili for “Journey”.  Take One.

Gand Alf.  Prefers cats to Balrogs

Bob Eggleton’s Cover Art for Amazing Stories, January 1981

There was a time in a non-alternate reality when the US Air Force Wanted a Moon Base

Now THAT’s a Hobby:  Restoring a Mercury space capsule

Roger Corman gave James Cameron a big break

Grant Canfield gets Hugo Pinned


Robert Hansen collects images of UK Fans in Uniform during WWII

Ansible Press announces forthcoming ebook edition of Harry Warner’s All Our Yesterdays

Steven Barnes announces release of long awaited conclusion to the Heriot series (with Niven and Pournelle)

Taku Mayumura Award-winning science-fiction author passed away on the morning of Sunday, November 3

NY Public Library has digitized copyright info

Monica Valentinelli will be the Writer GoH at RadCon 2020 in Pasco, WA over Valentine’s Day weekend!

Gary K. Wolfe is immortalizing 1960s SF

A Survivor of the Tulsa Massacre Speaks on Watchmen TV Series

European Spec Fic Roundup

Scream Factory Announces 5 DVD The Fly Collection.  (“Help meeeeee!  Heeeeelp meeeeee!”)  (Precisely because it is SO creepy, here’s that scene from the original movie.)

Why was Jack Dann Prohibted from posting about his new novel Shadows in the Stone on Facebook?  He’ll tell you.

Heliosphere 2020 – April 3rd – 5th.  Registere here.  Guests – Claudia Christian, Morgan Grant Buchanan, and Peter David.  Featured artist – Kathleen O’Shea David


You can actually SEE Gravity in these images from space

Atomic Cannibal Ants Escape From Nuclear Bunker!!!  Yeah, it’s click-baity, but fun

Voyager II Joins its Partner in Interstellar Space

Cue Lawrence Welk:  The Universe is made up of tiny bubble universes

Curiosity Rover Selfie

M-Blocks are Self-Assembling Robots

More Bots.  This time replicating biological systems

Wearable Robots:  Exoskeleton Review

New Worries for Electronic Assistant Owners:  Laser beams, directed at microphones can be used to reprogram them

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