Sci-Fi Short Film “Good Luck Jeffrey Brown” presented by DUST

Anything we say about this short may give away the ending, so we’ll just leave it at – watch

A man holds up in his bunker waiting for the end of the world.

“Good Luck Jeffrey Brown” by Christian Debney

Jeffrey Brown has built a bunker in the bottom of his garden, in preparation for world war 3,
despite his friends poking fun at him the threat is very real. As the sirens sound off. He locks himself inside and braces for nuclear war. After the dust has settled and the radiation clears, Jeffrey must live out the next 3 months with only himself for company. After this time Jeffrey is ready to unlock the hatch to the outside world and witness what has become of planet Earth.

Director’s Statement:
I wanted to create a simple contained short story based on a much larger feature film
screenplay I had written, this set up seemed the obvious choice. There is a deeper hidden
meaning to the story that some may see but others may not.

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