Amazing Stories’ One Year (and 93rd) Anniversary: Some Notes

First, an explanation:  the August/September time frame represents the current incarnation’s anniversary date.

We just shipped out our 4th issue for last year and are fast approaching the distribution of our 5th issue, which will mark our first anniversary.

Amazing Stories, the institution, however, has, as of March/April of this year, been going for 93 years now, with, admittedly, a couple of hiccups along the way.

So, either you should have been celebrating back in April, or, you can celebrate beginning in about a month, or, of course, you could simply celebrate the fact that Amazing Stories is still with us, thanks to the hard work of people like Ira Nayman, Kermit Woodall and all of our wonderful contributors.

Awards season is upon us.  (I recently shared my Hugo Award ballot) and I’ve noticed several announcements from folks who have appeared within our pages that they’ve been nominated for this or that.  First, congrats to them!

Second, I thought this a good time to simply list the authors and artists who we published during our first year, some of whom were eligible for various awards this year and some of whom will be eligible for various awards next year.

Besides, something tells me that authors like to see their name in print (I mean, other than the money, what’s the point, right?) and artists, who rarely get as much mention as they should deserve a little boost too.  Not to mention the poets among us (authors, yes, but of a decidedly different variety), and, of course, there’s always those behind the scenes folks who hardly ever get mentioned (except, of course, on the masthead).

This may look like a mere list, but it should be considered as a resource, both for information about the magazine and, perhaps, for future awards consideration.

I’m going to do this alphabetically by role.  But first, a reminder of what each of our four issues looked like:


*R. S. Belcher – Red Shift, Spring 2019
*Marie Bilodeau – Out-of-Most-Worlds Planet Cessation Extravaganza, Spring 2019
*Clara Blackwood – The Girl Who Loved Birds (Poem), Spring 2019
*Ricky Brown – Inspiring Books for Amazing Stories Readers (book review), Summer 2019
*Elsa M. Carruthers – God Bless the Freaks, Spring 2019
Noah Chinn – Alison’s Bluff, Winter 2018
*Jack Clemons – Science Column (Fall, Winter, 2018; Spring, Summer, 2019)
Dave Creek – Beyond Human Measure, Fall 2018
*Marc A. Criley – Impending Karma Strike, Spring 2019
Vonnie Winslow Crist – A Horse and Her Boy, Winter 2018
Julie Czerneda – Foster Earth, Fall 2018
*Gary Dalkin – European Author Profile (interview), Fall 2018; Interview – Nina Allen, Winter 2018; Interview – Rachel Armstrong, Summer 2019
Steve Davidson – Publisher’s Note, Fall 2018
*Steve Fahnestalk – Film Review, Fall, Winter 2018, Spring, Summer 2019
*Jen Frankel – Home-O-Cide, Summer 2019
*David Gerrold – Follow the Other Brick Road (or…In the Land of the Wurlikins), Summer 2019
*Tanya Karen Gough – T-Minus, Spring 2019
*Sean Grigsby – A Swift Drop; Two Bits, Spring 2019
*Tyler Hagemann – The Day the Animals Turned to Sand (Poem), Spring 2019
*Jerri Hardesty – Zero-G (#2) (Poem), Summer 2019
Neal Holtschulte – Bold New Flock, Winter 2018
G. Scott Huggins – In the Republic of the Blind, Winter 2018
Kameron Hurley – Sister Solvag and Mr. Denial, Fall 2018
*Tatiana Ivanova – The Scheduled War, Summer 2019
*Valeria C. Kaelin – Reptilian Brain (Poem), Spring 2019
Sandra Kasturi – Trips to Impossible Cities (Poem), Winter 2018
Daniel M. Kimmel – The Ransom of Red Robot (Beta), Winter 2018
*Kathy Kitts – Cricket Songs, Spring 2019
*Mary Soon Lee – How to Fathom a Light-Year (Poem), Summer 2019
*Paul Levinson – Slipping Time, Fall 2018; The Whether App, Spring 2019
Marina J. Lostetter – The Asteroid Contention, Winter 2018
*Shirley Meier – Flight of an Arrow, Fall 2018; Off the Top of My Head (on writing column), Winter 2018; Oh Editor, My Editor (on writing column), Spring 2019; Throwing Rocks at the Void (on writing column), Summer 2019
*Jo Miles – #savejade, Summer 2019
*M. J. Moores – Excerpt from Shadow Phoenix, Summer 2019
*Ira Nayman – Editorial, Fall, Winter 2018, Spring, Summer 2019
Lena Ng – Robot on Rampage, Winter 2018
Julie Novakova – Reset in Peace, Winter 2018
*Uche Ogbuji – Spaceman Okele Visits the Colorado Front Range (Poem), Summer 2019
*Brad Preslar – Worth Doing Wrong, Summer 2019
*Brian Rappatta – The Prufrock Whisperer, Summer 2019
Rudy Rucker – Apricot Lane, Fall 2018
*Darrell Schweitzer – John Grant Interview, Spring 2019
*Veronica Scott – Why Give Science Fiction Romance a Second Look (non-fiction), Spring 2019
*Alex Shvartsman – The Scheduled War (Translation), Summer 2019
Robert Silverberg – The Observatory (introduction/history) Fall 2018
*Cathy Smith – Canuck Commodities and Futures, Summer 2019
*Rosemary Clarie Smith – Conservation of Mismatched Shoes, Spring 2019
Allen Steele – Captain Future in Love, Fall & Winter 2018
Drew Hayden Taylor – When Angels Come Knocking, Fall 2018
*Matthew Timmins – Damn Lousy Teapots, Spring 2019
*Gene Turchin – We Still Need Mars (Poem), Summer 2019
Lawrence Watt-Evans – Harry’s Toaster, Fall, 2018

Summary:  52 individual authors; 33 stories, 7 Poems, plus interviews, columns, editorials
* indicates that the work and/or the individual may be eligible for various awards in 2020.

Next edition, our Artists.

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