AMAZING NEWS: 7/7/2019 – R.A.H.’s Birthday Edition

SPECIAL NOTE:  Today marks what would be the 112th Birthday of Robert Anson Heinlein.

Amazing Stories Apr-May 1953, Vol 27, No 4, features the short story Project Nightmare, as well as an essay, by RAH. The illustration of the author appears with the text.


Paul Levinson is interviewed by the new Amazing Stories Podcast – The Gernsback Machine – and calls it “flat out the best interview I’ve ever done.” Listen to the The Gernsback Machine here


The Flinstones depicts a post-apocalyptic future


George R.R. Martin says ““The Internet is toxic in a way that the old fanzine culture and fandoms — comics fans, science fiction fans in those days – was not,”


Republicans introduce Bills to curb protest 

Women Choosing Not to Have Kids Because. Climate Change

White Supremacists and Nazis promote Mein Kampf with $14.88 price tag on major book retailer sites

Remember, you only LEASE ebooks;  Microsoft deletions take place this month

Charlottesville scraps Thomas Jefferson day for Freedom and Liberation Day Celebration

Spider-Man is ok if Spider-Man is Gay

Trump Admin. Stops Gov. Scientists from talking about climate change

Special Feel Good Social News Section

Special Needs Drum Corps To Compete in World Championship


Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, reveals some family history

Mount ToBeRead not tall enough?  You might have missed these  or these

Sandman Goes Netflix

Classic Works Get the Pulp Cover Treatment

Cosplay Video

You Never Banged A Gong Like This One

A Youtube Explication of Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Anyone else thinking ‘Starman Jones’?

Lynne Fahnestalk (illustrator for Amazing Stories and maker of cute robots) offers up a disturbing mashup


New Release:  as if in dreams – notes following Aliyah, by Joseph Zitt is now available for order.  Joe is a long time friend and fan.  as if in dreams was built up from a series of daily Facebook posts and focuses on his move to Israel.  ” Moving to Israel, an American Jew finds both an alternate reality and an eternal home…Vivid, precise, and often hilarious, these entrancing vignettes embody how what might seem like nothing special appears to a poet’s eye.”  The writing is lyrical and reveals uncommon powers of observation.  While not genre, this is an extraordinary bit of writing and well worth the reader’s time.

Because Harlan, we still love ya!

Gerrold’s The Man Who Folded Himself gets a bit unfolded in this Tor critique (BTW:  new Gerrold story in the latest issue of Amazing Stories)

Trademarks for Fictioneers (Your humble publisher has some facility with this and is available for consult)

Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 11 gets starred reviews

Mike Brotherton’s TED Talk – The Synergies of Science and Science Fiction:  “Science Fiction plays with the net up.”  (Gasp!  “Star Wars is not science fiction.”)

Jack Clemons, our somewhat captive steely-eyed missile man, spoke at the Delaware Public Archives about what it was like to land a man on the Moon

NY Review of Books takes a look at Lisa Yaszek’s anthology The Future is Female

A Unique Way to Graph Film Trilogies

The Greatest Sci Fi Writers of All Time?  Ummm, some of them might take offense at being called a “sci fi writer”….

Samuel R. Delany talks about the Stonewall Riot

Special Industry Shout-Out Section

Convergence Convention doing Accessibility Right!

Also:  Fans for Accessible Conventions are looking for Sign Language Interpreters

On This Day in History – some fans attending the first World Science Fiction Convention witnessed something very special


Warm Winters Lead to GIANT Wasp Nests (and we mean horror-movie level Giant)

Global Warming is also cooking shellfish well before they reach the restaurant

Asteroid worth untold trillions of dollars could collapse world’s economy

Brain scans for babies.  Determining when ‘consciousness’ occurs

Orion’s launch abort system successfully tested – hopefully to never be used again

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Moon Colony

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will try to open a portal to an alternate reality this summer

We Also Heard From

Author Douglas Smith who is offering his story Going Down to Lucky Town for member’s free read;  also, a discount for all works to VIP members

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