AMAZING NEWS FROM FANDOM JUNE 16th, 2019: Happy Father’s Day

Cats Sleep on SFF: Der Marsianer
GiantPanda introduces us to Schnute: This is a stray my Mom has been feeding for about a year. The cat has learned to trust Mom, got the run of the house, mostly prefers DVDs to books and likes to cuddle.

Surely You’re Joking
By John Hertz: (reprinted in part from No Direction Home 15) May 11, 2018, was the hundredth birthday of the great physicist and wise-guy Richard Feynman. The California Institute of Technology, home of his professional life since 1952, mounted an

Pixel Scroll 6/15/19 His Scroll Swooned Slowly As He Heard The Pixels Falling Faintly Through The Universe
DUBLIN 2019 DEADLINE. Linda Deneroff, Dublin 2019 WSFS Business Meeting Secretary, broadcast the message that the deadline for submission of new business to this year’s business meeting is fast approaching: July 17. Pass the word to anyone else you

Remembering Jim Burns
By Steve Vertlieb: Just thinking about my dear friend and brother, James H. Burns, who left us on June 2nd, 2016. Jimmy was a wonderful writer, journalist, avid sports fan, and film historian. He was also my friend. No one

Pixel Scroll 6/14/19 Of All The Pixel Joints In All The Scrolls In All The World, She Files Into Mine
DUBBED. The Daily Mail’s headline is apt: “The knight who says Ni! Actor Michael Palin receives his knighthood from Prince William in 50th anniversary year of Monty Python”. Sir Michael Palin managed to suppress a joke when collecting the

Mythcon 50 Author Guest of Honor Changes
Tim Powers has agreed to step in as Mythcon 50’s GOH Emeritus. John Crowley, scheduled to be the Author Guest of Honor, had to cancel his appearance for personal reasons. Tim Powers, a science-fiction and fantasy writer who arguably is heir

Loscon 46 Adds Karl B. Kofoed as Artist GoH
Karl B. Kofoed will be Artist Guest of Honor for Loscon 46, to be held Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov. 29-Dec. 1) at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Artists, authors, scientists, and fans from around the world will gather for parties,

Amazing Collector Cards
Steve Davidson has unveiled these images of giant-sized cover artist collector cards, each one featuring one of Amazing Stories Volume 76 covers on the front and the artist’s picture and bio on the back. They include the magazine’s special one-year

And Another Thing
By John Hertz: (reprinted from No Direction Home 15) Galaxy’s Edge, the new Land at Disneyland Park devoted to George Lucas’ Star Wars, has a Milk Stand that sells blue milk. In the Star Wars story, it comes from banthas.

Pixel Scroll 6/13/19 And What Rough Pixel, Its Hour Come Round At Last, Crowdfunds Towards Dublin, To Be Scrolled?
SKIPPING OVER THE SAND. Judith Tarr tells why she’ll be passing on a Bene Gesserit tv series with an all-male creative team. Thread starts here. (2) KAIJU-CON. On Saturday June 14, the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles

Cats Sleep on SFF: Sword of the North
Black Gate’s John O’Neill posted this photo of his cat Jasmine with the question: Taken two years ago. Am I the only guy with a cat who wants to be a Shakespearean actor? Photos of other cats (or whatever you’ve

Crowdfunding Toward Dublin
A number of Hugo nominees are working to crowdfund their passage to the Dublin 2019 Worldcon. Here are the ones we know about so far — Best Related Work Libia Brenda (MexicanX Initiative) – Help Libia Brenda go to Worldcon

Pixel Scroll 6/12/19 If It Is A Pixel That Walks Through Walls, You MAY Get Scratched
MCFARLAND ANNIVERSARY SALE. The late Fred Patten’s Furry Tales (finished in summer 2018) is available for preorder from McFarland Books. Fans will also be interested to discover that McFarland Books is celebrating their 40th anniversary by offering all their

2019 Kurd Laßwitz Preis
The winners of the 2019 Kurd Laßwitz Preis have been posted. The award is named after German author Kurd Laßwitz and was first given in 1981. It is given to works written in or translated into the German language and

2019 Sunburst Award Longlists
The 2019 longlists for the Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic were posted June 12. The annual Sunburst Award celebrates the best in Canadian fantastika published during the previous calendar year. Below are the longlisted works,

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2019 Shortlist
The six titles on the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2019 shortlist were announced May 28. 100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers & Coding by Alice James, Eddie Reynolds, Minna Lacey, Rose Hall and Alex Frith, illustrated by Federico

2019 Rockie Awards
The Banff World Media Festival presented the 2019 Rockie Awards on June 10. The Rockie Awards is “Banff’s flagship international programming competition celebrating excellence in television and digital content.” As The Hollywood Reporter phrased it, the awards “continued a traditional

Pixel Scroll 6/11/19 When You Have Eliminated the Impixellable, Whatever Remains, However Unfileable, Must Be The Scroll
GET ERIDANI TO THE PRESS. Alex Shvartsman has launched a Kickstarter appeal to fund publication of “Eridani’s Crown”. When Eridani’s parents are murdered and their kingdom is seized by a traitorous duke, she plans to run. After she suffers

CoNZealand Will Also Host the 41st NZ National Science Fiction Convention
CoNZealand, the 78th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Wellington from July 29–August 2, 2020, has announced it will also host the 41st New Zealand national science fiction convention (natcon), including the Sir Julius Vogel (SJV) Awards. Co-chair

Marvels Epilogue Sneak Peek
Hitting comic shops this July – an all-new addition to the classic Marvels graphic novel written by Kurt Busiek and fully painted by Alex Ross. And it’s a “Marvels” look at the “all-new, all-different” X-Men of the 1970s! In this

2019 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Shortlist
Finalits for this year’s John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best science fiction novel have been selected. The awards will be presented during the Campbell Conference Award Banquet on Friday, June 28. Semiosis Sue Burke A Spy in Time by

George R.R. Martin Wins 2019 Carl Sandburg Literary Award
The Chicago Public Library and Chicago Public Library Foundation will honor George R.R. Martin, the recipient of the Carl Sandburg Literary Award, and Dr. Eve L. Ewing, winner of the 21st Century Award at the Carl Sandburg Literary Awards Dinner

Pixel Scroll 6/10/19 We Have Always Lesnerized In The Castle
DOUBLE DUNE. Deadline reveals there will be a Dune TV series concurrent with the new films (the two back to back). “‘Dune: The Sisterhood’ Series Ordered By WarnerMedia Streaming Service With Denis Villeneuve Directing”. WarnerMedia has given a straight-to-series

Jamie Wahls Wins GRRM Sense of Wonder Scholarship
Jamie Wahls has been awarded this year’s Sense of Wonder Scholarship, funded by George R.R. Martin to pay his tuition to the 2019 Clarion Workshop (June 23–August 3) at UC San Diego. The scholarship, administered by The Clarion Foundation, seeks

2019 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards
The winners of the REH Foundation Awards, honoring the top contributions in Howard scholarship and in the promotion of Howard’s life and works from the past year, were announced at Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains on June 8.

Spock Versus McCoy
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Those were the days, my friend…. More videos follow the jump.

Vonda McIntyre Memorial
Frank Catalano has posted a gallery of photos from Vonda McIntyre’s memorial on Facebook. Vonda N McIntyre’s memorial was held Sunday at The Mountaineers by Magnuson Park in Seattle. There was much conversation, storytelling, and sushi (seasoned with #scifi remembrances).

Pixel Scroll 6/9/19 It’s the Great Pixel, Churlie Brown!
WHITE SPACE. The public radio investigative news show Reveal included Vox Day and his foray into alt-right comics in its program “Hate in the homeland”. (He’s the topic of the second of the program’s three segments.) The mass shooting at

A New Hope
By John Hertz: (reprinted from No Direction Home 14) For me Galaxy’s Edge is Mike Resnick’s prozine (from earliest days we’ve had fans and pros; some people are both; fanzine for the amateur magazines published by fans, for fans,

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