AMAZING NEWS JUNE 16th, 2019: Happy Father’s Day!

scientists discover something on the Moon that is not a monolith; Bicycle Librarians, R-Rated Star Trek movie, Harlan in hippy garb, Heinlein still telling us what to do, secret bluetooth tracking, new releases, and DON’T BRING BED BUGS HOME FROM CONVENTIONS!


Hmmm.  The news biz is underwater because people don’t value it anymore or, because tech giants have inserted themselves into the revenue stream?

Why are the super rich the super rich?  So they can hide in New Zealand when everything falls apart

CBP Agency Hacked for thousands of images of drivers and license plates

And in more privacy news:  Secret Bluetooth Beacons are Tracking. Your. Every. Move.

For Pride Month: Was the word “homosexual” actually in the Bible, or was a different word co-opted?

Anti-Semitism and Islamaphobia are not new things in the United States

Literary Plagiarism may be a bigger thing than you think

NJ Votes to Teach LGBT History in Public Schools (and if you want a ‘history’ of prejudice, read the comments)


The Eternal Village Podcast (The Prisoner) featuring Jean Marie Stine (editor of the Amazing Stories Best of the Year Anthologies)

Daniel M. Kimmel reviews Dark Phoenix

Robert A. Heinlein says “stay away from people, telephones and correspondence…”  (I wish!)

Harlan Ellison’s Super Secret Comic Book Collection – take the tour!

The June Comics Revue Goes Rainbow

R-Rated Trek Coming from Tarantino (can’t wait!) (If you can’t wait either, there’s a whole raft of Trek porn parodies)

Clemons is riding the astronaut circuit

Images from the 1983 Australian Fun-Con

Hippy Harlan

This guy has been collecting Trek memorabilia for 40 years.  Now he’s writing about it.

Speaking of Star Trek:  Babylon 5 is the greatest and worstest SF TV show of all time!

What to do with all that money when you win the lottery – fan style


Bicycle Librarian, a REAL Super Hero

A note on Diversity at Conventions.  If you want to support diversity, make sure your diverses are not just appearing on diversity panels….

A note on bringing bed bugs home from conventions.  (Yes.  Ick!  Uggh!  Gross!.  I’ll take con crud over bed bugs any day!)

What makes a book last for decades?  The NY Times offers up 50 that have.

An interesting discussion:  What makes Black science fiction “Black science fiction”?

Neil Clarke Unveils The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 4

Paul Levinison has “irrational faith” in TV as he reviews 250 time travel tales

Pamela Sargeant’s Women of Wonder anthology series, a retrospective

Alex Shvartsman (Future magazine, UFO anthologies) interviewed on the Analog blog

Cover Art for She Can Creep

Slaughterhouse Five:  What is it telling us now?


NY Times Corrects an oversite with obituary for Alan Turing

Massive Metal Anamoly discovered on the Moon.  (Note:  it’s NOT TMA-1)

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