2019 Ditmar Awards
The winners of the Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Awards for 2019 were presented at the 2019 Australian National SF Convention, (Continuum 15) in Melbourne on June 8. Best Novel City of Lies (Poison Wars 1), Sam Hawke, Tom Doherty Associates. Best

Mazes of Power Cover Reveal
By Juliette Wade: I’m thrilled to tell you that I now have cover art for my debut novel, Mazes of Power! The art is by Adam Auerbach, who did a magnificent job creating impact as well as capturing the layered

Robert Bloch, The Clown at Midnight
By Steve Vertlieb: This is the story of my twenty-five year friendship with acclaimed writer Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho. It is a published, Rondo Award nominated remembrance of a complex, remarkable man, and our affectionate relationship over a

Pixel Scroll 6/8/19 The Moon is A Harsh Marstress
CURRENT FUTURES. Mary Beth Griggs tells fans where they can “Dive into a new sci-fi anthology set in the world’s oceans” at The Verge. Genetic editing, holograms, and underwater cities each make appearances in the 18 stories and 18

Nineteen Eighty-Four at Seventy
By James Bacon: Today sees the 70th Anniversary of the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and it is ten years now since Claire Brialey, Chris Garcia, Pete Young and myself published Journey Planet no.3 that focused on that book. Here is

2019 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire
The 2019 Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire winners have been announced. The awards were presented on June 9 at the Étonnants Voyageurs festival in Saint-Malo, France. Roman francophone / Novel in French Le Cycle de Syffe, tomes 1 & 2 de

Australian Shadows Awards 2018
Australasian Horror Writers Association announced the winners of the Australian Shadows Awards 2018 on June 8 at Continuum 15: Other Worlds. The juried award is given for work by an Australasian author that has horror/dark fiction content either as a

2019 Norma K Hemming Awards
The Norma K Hemming Awards, under the auspices of the Australian Science Fiction Foundation (ASFF), were presented at Continuum 15 in Melbourne on Saturday June 8. In the Long Work category, Sam Hawke’s City of Lies and Mother of Invention edited by Rivqa

Pixel Scroll 6/7/19 Saturday Night’s All Right For Scrolling, Get A Little Pixel In
AWARDS AT AUSSIE NATCON. Opening night at Continuum 15, the Australian National Convention, saw Lucy Sussex and Julian Warner win a special prize for their services to the Nova Mob and Melbourne fandom generally. The committee also presented Bruce

2019 Mythopoeic Awards Finalists
The 2019 Mythopoeic Awards finalists were posted June 6. The Mythopoeic Awards are chosen from books nominated by individual members of the Mythopoeic Society, and selected by a committee of Society members. Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature Finalists: Mishell

Pixel Scroll 6/6/19 Scroll Me Some Pixels And File Hacks, I Don’t Care If I Never Get Back
F&SF COVER. Gordon Van Gelder, publisher of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, shares a preview of their July/Aug. 2019 cover. The cover art is by Mondolithic Studios. (2) RANKING SPACE OPERA. The readers of Discover Sci-Fi voted

YouTube Ejects Some Vox Day Videos
Vox Day told readers of Vox Popoli yesterday that YouTube has taken down three of his videos [Internet Archive link] for violating its guidelines. Hi Voxiversity, As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow – and

Pixel Scroll 6/5/19 En Pixel Cerrado, No Entran Scrolls.
THE LAST DAY. Macmillan Publishers is moving from the Flatiron to the Equitable Building and taking with it. Seanan McGuire commemorates the departure in her story “Any Way the Wind Blows”. “Captain?” I turn. Our navigator is looking

Name An SF Film With a Mimeograph In It
By Kim Huett: The Day The Earth Caught Fire is a 1961 British Lion/Pax Universal film produced and directed by Val Guest (director of the Hammer films, The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) and Quatermass 2 (1957)), who with Wolf Mankowitz, also

Pixel Scroll 6/4/19 De Scrollus Non Est Disputpixelum
CAT RAMBO. In “So Long, And Thanks for All the Fish”, Cat Rambo begins a seven-part series about her time on the SFWA board. As I’m composing them, I’m asking you for a favor. If there is some SFWA

2019 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards
Dartmouth’s Neukom Institute announced the winners of the 2019 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards for speculative fiction and playwriting on June 4. 2019 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Award for Speculative Fiction (Debut Category) Peng Shepherd, The Book of M (William

Wandering Through the Public Domain #14
A regular exploration of public domain genre works available through Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Librivox. By Colleen McMahon: I recently saw Tolkien, a fictionalized telling of the early life of that author. I enjoyed the movie, which was pretty

2019 Lambda Literary Awards
The 31st Annual Lambda Literary Award (“Lammys”) winners were announced at a ceremony held June 3 in New York. The awards celebrate achievement in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) writing. The winners of categories which had nominees of genre

Pixel Scroll 6/3/19 This Is My Pixel And This Is My Scroll! One Is For Filing, The Other I LOL!
RED MOON RISING. “Apple Publishes “For All Mankind” Apple TV+ Trailer” at MacStories. What if the space race had never ended? Watch an official first look at For All Mankind, an Apple Original drama series coming this Fall to

Ted White, Mystery Writer
By Ted White: As you may or may not know, I’ve written some SF in recent years, having several stories in F&SF and Analog. But one story, which I wrote in 2013, remained unsold for several years, until Gordon Van

Bisexual Book Awards 2018 Winners
The Bi Writers Association (BWA) announced the Bisexual Book Awards 2018 winners on June 1 in New York. The complete list is at the link. J.R. Mabry won the Speculative Fiction category and also was part of a three-way tie

2019 Phoenix and Rebel Awards
Winners of two traditional DeepSouthCon awards were announced in Charlotte, NC on June 2 during ConCarolinas 2019, host of DSC 57. The Phoenix Award is given to the professional (writer, editor or artist) who has done the most for

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