AMAZING NEWS – 6/23/19: We Protest How Immigrant Children Are Being Treated Edition

Way IMPORTANT Note:  Dr. Stephen Hawking – we need more than one planetary home for humans because we’re both greedy AND stupid

Special NoteThe WCSFA is hosting their annual summer auction.  Lots of cool genre stuff

FuturescopeTrump Forever (ugh!)


Inside the TX Warehouse Concentration Camp for Children

Will the 2020 Election be “Fair”?

If you’re going to send ‘dick-pics’ (to someone who said it’s ok) – do it the right way

Organ-Legging Redux – Chinese Government Edition

Conspiracy Mongers Beware:  There Are Consequences for Spewing Hate & BS.  They’re called Lawsuits

Black Panther Author Excoriates McConnell in Public Testimony

Thousands Protest Good Omens Show – and Protest the WRONG Broadcaster (This is why it would help to watch the thing you are protesting FIRST)

Trevor Noah Explains Reparations (no, you do not get a cookie just for being poor and white)


Gahan Wilson Produces a New Cartoon (we love Gahan and wish him all the best!)

Stranger Things Trailer (woohoo!)

F&SF Produces Gallery of Bhen Covers (David A. Hardy illustrations)

What can you say about chocolate covered manhole covers?  How about “tiny hats for toads?”

Well, NOW we know how that whole Princess Leia “cinnamon bun” hair style came from (Cast photo)

Alice Cooper Family Photo

More Jo Walton – RAH’s Double Star

Scientology and Catholic Church to Team Up (after discovering they have astonishingly similar origin stories)

Monks in Space Becoming SF Cliche

Art:  From the State of Black Science Fiction

Robert J Sawyer to Headline Screening of Last Episodes of Star Trek Continues

Barbara Bain to Appear at Space: 1999 Con


Mueller Report to Become Graphic Novel

Irene Gallo Promoted to VP at TOR

Star Trek for the WIN!  Star Fleet symbol on Mars has SW fans and Mark Hamil all verklempt

Fanzine covers the first Corflu (and other scanned ‘zines)

Milton Davis to Present at Decatur Book Festival

Walton Takes a Look at the 1956 Hugo Ballot

Fan History – Samuel Russell

Boskone (2020) Announces Guest LIne Up

Kimberly Unger Announces Release Info for Her Debut SF Novel (Kimbery writes for Amazing)

Jack Clemons (who also writes for Amazing) visits with a spacesuit

Commentary on the Author’s Guild

Allen Steele a Portrait

A First Edition of Hugo Gernsback’s Ralph124C41+ brought over $9000 at auction.  (An ‘execrable info dump’ commanded nearly 10k?)  Also see Ansible’s books and freebies


Mars Farted and Scientists are Excited

You know that guy who defied his father to make rockets in the movie October Sky?  He says Mars Missions are a crock

Two Terrestrial Exo Planets, 12.5 Light Years Away Discovered

Robocop Deployed.  Looks Vaguely Daleky, but doesn’t say “exterminate”

Mexicanx Giant Squid Caught on Film It was a young squid, ‘only’ about 14 feet long – maybe a quarter of its full-grown size

The Singing Seals:  Seals Learn to sing Twinkle Twinkle

Costa Rica Setting Standards for Wildlife Preservation

NASA Plans Risky Manuever for Mars Probe

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