AMAZING NEWS: The First of 2015

eh2-300x479Last Call for Alco…(some) Haffner Press Titles (see below)


Humans Are an Endangered Species (more sex for fun, less sex for making babies would largely solve the problem…and so would empowering more women around the world)

BBC & Doctor Who:  Promoting “Gay” Agenda  (Is this show banned in Uganda?)

Girls Can Change the World Super Hero T.  (Hey!  They already have and will continue to do so!)

Ground Breaking Moments for Women in SF in 2014

Worst Moments in Fandom for Women in 2014

Net Neutrality Vote Coming in February

Just Because You’re Old, Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Get It (listen to all the comments)


Bonestell Birthday (Which I personally celebrated by fondling my copy of The Exploration of Mars)


Don’t Miss the Los Angeles Science Fiction One Act Play Festival

drwho-sonic-screwdrivers_5496a86216a63_w1500The Evolution of the Sonic Screwdriver

BFI Continues Days of Fear & Wonder With Soundtracks (via SF Signal)

Script Page from The Martian Sent to Space (Hey!  Just in case – pack some potatoes!)

It is the dawning of the Age of U u Ultron! the age of U u u Ultron – ULLLLLTRON! (new set pics) (Sing to the tune of Age of Aquarius)

New Age of Ultron Trailer Premieres 1/12 (now we’re announcing trailers in advance?)

Gee Thanks, SF Signal.  Like my TBR piles aren’t already threatening to bring the house down! (321 NEW SF, Fantasy & Horror titles)

FREE Red Sonja Comics (she’s still in a chainmail bikini)

DC Superheroes – as they were

dc universe

Ant Man Trailers – Human and Ant Sized

Incest might have been best in Star Wars Universe (fan letter from ’79 wants “more development of Leia & Luke’s romance’)

Gruesome Groot Sculpt

Proof:  All Dogs Are Fans! (This pup loves Rocket Raccoon;  my dog hates Klingons.  Could there ever be an epic canine SW vs ST fight?  How would we know?)

Threadless T-shirt Sale


Doctorow on New Deal for Copyright 

Bi-Lingual Anthology in the Works (via Europa SF)

51MjcCo8IhLFlash Crowd – one of Niven’s best predictions ever – gets upgraded by Torgeson & Harrington (though Niven based the concept on teleportation booths and ours are based on the internet)

Fannish Inquisition Tapes From SMOFcon – DC in ’17    Helsinki in ’17    Montreal in ’17    Nippon in ’17

EU VAT Update.  Did you get your notification from Amazon?

LUNACON Meeting Reminder

Goblin Fruit Wonder

Master at Work:  First Page of Ballard’s Crash MS


av_nrol67_l5512014104653PM63Spaceflight:  The Year In Review

FelonBots:  Where’s Asimov When You Need Him?

Math Proves Quantum World is Really Weird

10 Space Science Stories to Watch in 2015

“The world is a vampire”…”the universe is a hologram…” (does that mean the world is a holographic vampire?)

january-2015-venusVenus in 2015

Listening in on Kepler Finds

2014 Had Highest Launch Tally in Decades

Stem Cells used to Create Germ Plasm


Haffner Press Cat Chair

 In This Issue: December 30, 2014
Here’s a year-end round-up on things
happening here at the Secret Moon Base

• •   LAST CALL   • •

The following books are in VERY short supply, so if you’re considering any of these titles, time may be running out to get these at retail prices.
(Clicking an image will take you to an ordering page.)



We appreciate your patience with this book. We are sending this title to the printer (again!) and hope to have it ready by late February. There’s a LOT of juicy goodness in this 750+ page book and we hope you’ll feel it was worth the wait. Please be aware that the price on publication will be $45, so you can save $5 by preordering at $40.


The final artwork is soon to arrive and here’s a peek at the current design. Final titling is in the works (think “Deco”) as well. No release date at this time, but it’s sure to be another blockbuster. NOTE: this title is part of a 3-book combo of Horror & Detective titles that features an exclusive chapbook. See the Haffner Press homepage for details.

by Henry Kuttner & Catherine L. Moore

Nearly everything is in hand to bring this 4-novel omnibus to you. Once we have Fredric Brown’s MURDER DRAWS A CROWD under our belt and out in the wild, this is the next title to go to press. NOTE: this title is part of a 3-book combo of Horror & Detective titles that features an exclusive chapbook. See the Haffner Press homepage for details.

The 39th Annual Jack Williamson Lectureship will be held this Spring at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. The Guest of Honor is Paolo Bacigalupi (bestselling author of the award-winning books THE WINDUP GIRL, SHIPBREAKER, and THE DROWNED CITIES. His newest book is THE DOUBT FACTORY).
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