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Thank You for a Wonderful Time, Balticon 53.  Shout outs to Rosemary Claire Smith, Steve Stiles, Greg Benford, Mike Walsh, Yoko Matsuoka;  welcome aboard new subscribers!

June is Pride Month.  Shoutout to and their staff who appeared at Balticon

Shebat Legion, who is currently fighting breast cancer, has launched an “Illuminated Anthology” of fantasy stories; please visit the post that contains more detail and submission information.

Magazine News – Amazing Stories, Volume 76, Issue 4, Whole Number 617, has now been released and is wending its way to print subscribers (contributors have been paid, their contributor copies also wending).  (I get a strange sense of pride and accomplishment whenever I send out those checks…);  subscriptions and copies are available through our store and other outlets.  Some glancing rumors and speculation aside, we’re funded for our next year.

We are offering to swap ads with convention program/souvenier books under a new advertising program.  Get in touch if interested.  We are also still running our IndieGoGo campaign

This week’s news round-up includes items intended for last week that were prevented from publishing owing to technical difficulties


Arthur episode banned in Alabama – big surprise

This is, perhaps, the greatest piece of political cartooning for our era and will undoubtedly become an icon of our times

Ted Cruz, space pirates and Space Command (this is not the space command he is looking for)

Consider that your religion may be a mythology

“SSSmokin!”  Jim Carey on Mueller

Plannet Parenhood Declares a State of Emergency

We should all go re-watch Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Deniro (SNL’s Mueller) joins former prosecutors in explaining the Mueller report

LGBTQ Protest Over Pence’s Appearance at West Point


Amazing Stories Issue 3 Reviewed on SFRevu  “The new Amazing Stories consistently has good stories.”  You betcha!

GRRM writes about endings

Probably inevitable, but more than appropriate to cover at the beginning of pride month – Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are engaged

Puppies don’t need to take a blue or a red pill.  They’re puppies.  Keeanu Reeves plays with puppies

Black America, an alternate universe series, being developed by Amazon

Quatermass on DUST

HeroCollector unveils Batman busts

Author Michael A. Burstein’s Movie Extra Career

Terminator Dark Fate Trailer

THAT’s How to Display Your Pulp Collection


Gaiman says the SF Media ‘Golden Age’ is just beginning!

The Nebulas, LMBPN and when slates happen;  Cora Buhlert does a round-up for those wondering what this is about; Camestros Felapton provides his own summary of the latest slate kerfuffle

Someone thought they could get away with a Kickstarter for their version of Dangerous Visions.  (Hah!)

NYRSF Reading featuring Katharine Duckett and Chana Porter, this week

Denise and Jack Clemons (our science writer) make an appearance on the Mythwits Panel at Balticon 53

Heinlein, Smith and Mahaffey

Allen Steele on his second trip to China

The First Fandom Experience a new website gathering first fandom experiences and a post on the contributions of collectors to our shared history

Heliosphere 2020

John Carter gets coverage for helping to invent the planetary romance


The Kilogram’s definition has changed.  Catch up!

Is this really science?  Well, yeah, I guess…ISS Commander addresses farts in space

Talk about zombies and Kaijus – the atomic waste storage facility on Enewetak island is developing cracks

And I thought I was getting old – scientists uncover billion year old fungus

Thermonuclear Spacecraft Propulsion is once again a thing

Wow!  SpaceX Launches 60 Satellites with one Flight


Book ‘Fractal – Bridge to the other side’
A revolutionary view on where we go after we die:  
This is how it could be…
The book ‘Fractal-Bridge to the other side’ is a mix between science and spirituality in which a link is made between astronomy, quantum physics, philosophy and the near-death experience. In this debut novel, Gina Øster combines current knowledge and existing theories with her own ideas into an exciting story on the border between fiction, non-fiction and science fiction. Questions such as ‘What happens after death?’ ‘Where are we going?’ ‘What is consciousness?’ And ‘Who is it that actually dies? are being answered…
It is 2036. Experiments are taking place in SITCO’s laboratory in Colorado as part of the AfterLife Project. A team of scientists, physicians and experts in near-death experiences are looking for an answer to the question as to whether there is life after death. They think they have found a way to make the journey to the afterlife. This method allows people to undergo a near-death experience in which they come close to or even go beyond the threshold of death and then return to earthly life. The project is controversial and meets a great deal of resistance, especially from religious communities. Some of these have therefore submitted their case to the United Nations International Court of Ethics, which will determine whether the experiments should be permitted or prohibited.
The initiators of the project are questioned by the judges of the court. They try to clarify which major technological advances have been made in natural and medical sciences in the past decades. According to them, this knowledge can be linked to the near-death experiences that many people have encountered. The AfterLife Project aims to demonstrate this connection in experiments in which people actually reach the border between life and death and  gain insight into what happens after we die.
During the court hearings, the experiments continue in the utmost secrecy. Will the answer to the question of whether there is life after death be found before the court reaches a verdict?
 ‘Fractal-Bridge to the other side’ will be for sale at as of medio June and via the website

I would love to introduce you to a brilliant new literary book that we have just acquired at Quercus – This Is How You Lose the Time War by Max Gladstone & Amal El-Mohtar. We’ve just had a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly and Entertainment Weekly this week.

‘Exquisitely crafted. . . Full of fanciful ideas and poignant moments…with raw emotion and a genuine sense of wonder’

Publishers Weekly Starred Review

El-Mohtar and Gladstone write alternating sections of this time-travel romance… Already optioned for TV, Time War intimately operates within an immersive space opera’

Entertainment Weekly

We publish on 18th July in paperback original have proofs available so let me know if you’d like to see one. I would love for you to consider this for a review in July. Both authors are available to write pieces and for interview.

Two time-travelling agents from warring futures working their way through the past and future, begin to exchange letters – and fall in love in this short, lyrical and romantic book spanning time and space. Co-written by two award-winning writers who wrote the book whilst in each other’s company over the course of a writing retreat, working in the same room and swapping laptops as they finished each section, this is an epic love story that takes the reader through the realms of time, legend and history, tapping into our obsession with time travel.

‘An intimate and lyrical tour of time, myth and history’ John Scalzi, bestselling author of Old Man’s War

‘Lyrical and vivid and bittersweet’ Ann Leckie, Hugo Award-winning author of Ancillary Justice

‘Rich and strange, a romantic tour through all of time and the multiverse’ Martha Wells, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Murderbot Diaries

 ‘Exquisitely crafted . . . Part epistolary romance, part mind-blowing science fiction adventure, this dazzling story unfolds bit by bit . . . Full of fanciful ideas and poignant moments…with raw emotion and a genuine sense of wonder’ Publishers Weekly Starred Review

‘Spectacular . . . this is prose that wants to be more than read’ Kelly Sue DeConnick, creator of Captain Marvel

‘All the pleasure of a long series, and all the details of a much larger world, presented in miniature here’ Kelly Link, MacArthur Genius Grant recipient and Pulitzer Prize finalist for Get in Trouble

‘Two days from now, you’ve already devoured it’ Ryan North, New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning author of How to Invent Everything



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