Experimenter Publishing Acquires Fantastic Stories Mark


Now it can be revealed!

The clan is re-uniting!

Fantastic Stories and Amazing Stories are once again under the same roof, though not combined.

Over the past couple of years we have received a number of questions regarding the publication of fantasy works in addition to science fiction and, while the line that separates those two joined-at-the-hip genres is squishy and fluid, our answer has, until now, been that we want to insure that Amazing Stories is well-established as a Science Fiction publication before we start mixing things up.  Now we can reveal that the real answer has always (secretly) been – “wait until we acquire Fantastic Stories”.

In 1939, Ray Palmer established Fantastic Adventures magazine as a companion to Amazing Stories.  In 1952, Ziff Davis and Howard Brown (then editor) introduced Fantastic. Fantastic proved to be more popular and successful than Fantastic Adventures, and that title was merged with Fantastic in 1953;  it was eventually combined with Amazing Stories in the 1980s.

Although Fantastic had various sub-titles over the years, including Science Fiction, it was mostly associated with publishing fantasy, horror and weird fiction that pretty much covered the gamut from sword and sorcery to the uncategorizable.


The Experimenter Publishing company intends to eventually introduce Fantastic Stories as a separate title featuring primarily fantasy works.



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