The time has come, your editor says, to read of many things, of thrones–and cons–and cosmic impacts–of convention bids and spacey pings, and why …


We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to support our 1 Year Anniversary Special Edition, which will feature fiction from some big names, cover art by Vincent Di Fate, have extra content and will be printed in full color.  Visit the campaign here – Amazing Stories Special All Color Issue


Transwomen on Feminism and Equality

Immigration Activist Knows the Law (you should to.  When is a warrant not a warrant?)

Capitol MInistries wants to convert our government officials, on taxpayer’s dime

Will China be the first country to talk to aliens?


Bergen NJ High Schoolers Put Aliens on the stage…check out these costumes!

More on the same

Battle of the Planets seminal 70s Japanese Animation

A Piece on Claire Winger Harris (nice, but not entirely accurate)

Library of the Future

A Song About Nerds from Star Trek: Discovery

Game of Thrones Themed Pop Up Cards

Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes Review US

Check out MD Jackson’s latest cover


Our Science Writer’s Book Wins ANOTHER Award!

New Survey Suggests: …science fiction is a valuable research tool for public engagement with science.

Writer Beware Talks Turkish Publisher (not paying their bills)

Paul Levinson has a new collection

Native American Representation in Comics

Speilberg’s Appearance at Apple event raises controversy

Cynthia Ward to debut in Analog

2021 Westercon BId

Christopher Priest not happy with Mendelsohn’s The Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein  (we’re still reading it, so far, so good)

Afrofuturist Series Wins 6 Figure Buy

New Resnick


Cosmic Impact from 12,800 years ago confirmed

Exploding Asteroids

All Femaie Spacewalk Cancelled Owing to Lack of Properly Fitting Suits and NASA updates their spacewalk schedule

Surgery for Stroke can save lives, but not enough medical professionals are aware of it

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