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Two Stories of Promoting Diversity in Media:  Ryk Spoor and a thought-provoking and inspiring video talk from Steven Barnes

Thinking About Taking a Genetic Test:  Here’s Some Concerns

Attenborough Speaks Out on Climate Change

Nativity Scene for the Modern Era (Baby Jesus in a cage) And Here’s Another, Just for Fans

Facebook has been obtaining your phone history

Paying it Forward:  A Unique Coming Out Story

Your Government Tax Dollars Hardly Working:  Comey Testimony Transcript

Supremes Refuse to Save Butterflies

Could Most of Oklahoma Become Native American Land?

Tyson Accusations Reveal Academic Inequality


ABE’s List of 100 Books to Read in a LIfetime (25% are genre or genre-adjacent)

If you have acting chops, Amazing Stories is hiring extras

We Like Maps.  Yes, we do

Trailer for Kim Possible

No One Throws a Trident Like Aquaman

Picacio’s Final Versions

Artist at Work:  Steve Stiles

US Army Designs Mech

Reader Discovers Haffner Press

Comedian Tackles the Question:  Is it Right to Punch Nazis?

Discovering Star Trek as an Adult

GRRM’s NIghtflyers – Weird Sci-Fi

SF’s Forgotten Greats (Haven’t forgotten a single one)

Like the MCU?  Here’s 12 More Comics For Ya

6 Fireside Reads for the Holidays

This Week’s Books From B&N

Star Trek: Picard Premiers in 2019

The Latest Short From Dust:  The Fringes

Review of Mortal Engines

Is It Trek Canon?

New Fallout


The Verge Announces Better World’s ProjectSchvartsman Launches Quarterly Mag

NYROSF Features Authors Cooney and Hernandez This Week

SFWA Voices Concerns over Writers of the Future Contest

Amazing Interviews John Varley

TAFF Race Begins!

Fading Pulp Magazine Culture?  Fading?

Kimmel Not Attending Arisia

Haven’t Forgotten You, Harlan

As SF Diversifies, New Visions of the Future Emerge

Get Your (wrong) Special Relativity Here!

Business Consultations with SF Writers Are on the Increase


Four More Interstellar Objects Being Tracked by Astronomers  (has the invasion begun?  Ummm.  No.)

Birth Control for Men (It’s not castration via butterknife)

(A little old but) Musk’s Mars Plan

The Winds of Mars

Memorial Launch (Maybe this should be in the gift guide section?)

A Global Study Provides More Insight Into the Infamous Trolley Problem

This New Material Gets Thicker When Stretched

Satellites Finally Confirm Einstein



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