AMAZING NEWS: 12-16-18


Films with Female Heroes MAKE MORE MONEY Than Their Male Counterparts (take that, Hollywood bean-counters!)

Creator of Social Networking says “Get Out. Now!

Trump Administration Continues its Assault on Science, Now at the Interior

We published this earlier in the week, but a reminder is appropriate:  Steven Barnes on Into the Spider-Verse and Representation

Somtow Sucharitkul mentioned how horrified he was by this on Facebook;  can’t find the link but here’s what’s bothering him:  immigrants at the US southern border with NUMBERS written on their arms.

Disposable Period Products Are Becoming A Problem


Andrew Serkis Reprises Gollum Role, as Theresa May

Two Indictments of Millenials In One:  First – Why Can’t They Open a Can of Tuna? and Yes, Music Really IS Getting Worse

This One’s For Bob:  Godzilla King of the Monsters!

Stories From the Genre’s Past:  The Hevelin Collection

The Ralph Carlson Pulp Collection:  Prominently Features Amazing Stories (both old and new)

Yes, this is politics, but it’s also entertaining in a sadly ‘look at the freaks’ kind of way:  Brianna Wu says Congress’s lack of tech savy is embarrassing

Infinity War Trailer, starring Deadpool, as Everyone

Forbush Man.  ‘Nuff Said

Retro-Art for Starship Troopers

Barnes & Noble’s Weekly Picks

Crisis Will Feature in Arrowverse Crossover

We’re Only 18 Years in, but here’s a list of the 50 best fantasy novels of the 21st century

SF Film Flops That are Great and Hits that are Overrated (Opinions may vary….)

Superb Low Budget SF Film The Endless

Talk About Throwing Down the Infinity Gauntlet:  Captain Marvel says Thanos is a ‘wimp’


Bradbury’s Bio:  A Must Read

Daniel Kimmel Not Attending Arisia

Lou Berger Announces a Sale

Inspiration for A Brave New World? Rose Macaulay’s What Not was first published 100 years ago.

American Library’s SF From the ’60s

If You’ve Ever Wondered:  Have Any Female Authors Influenced the Genre?  Here’s a Timeline

Black Panther Could Change the Future

Deconstructing Book Covers


Great Barrier Reef Manages to Hang On

Want to Recycle Garbage?  How About Some Cockroaches?

In Light of the Chinese Genetic Experiment:  We Have Ways to Stop Rogue Scientists (but they don’t always work) (also, pay a visit to my editorial)

Box Cutters In Spaaaaace:  Cosmonauts search for a mysterious leak

Space Law and Space Sabotage

Curiosity Marches (Drills) On

First Pic From Inside the Sun’s Atmosphere!

SpaceX Breaks Record for Commercial Launches


Science Fiction Sales:  Howard DeVore’s Collection:  A ton of pulps, paperbacks, ephemera, all from a fantastic collection

Give Yourself and Your Pet a Gift This Season:  Video Pet Monitors, Treat Dispensors 

Neon SJW Credentials on Color Changing Coffee Mugs (who doesn’t want a neon on black velvet cat staring at them from a coffee mug in the morning?)

Favorite Science Books of the Year

Is the Beach Boys’s Good VIbrations the Theme Song for Quantum Physics?

More Gifts for those who love physics and math

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