AMAZING NEWS (with Bonus Cover Reveal!) 11/11/18

Build your own strandbeest, see our cover reveal, read Irish SF, Ozone recovery, music for a Martian sunrise and more.

Behold, the cover of Amazing Stories, Winter 2018 (Volume 76, Number 2). This issue’s cover illustrates Allen Steele’s Captain Future in Love, Part 2)


Number 1 – A Subscription to Amazing Stories

Number 2 – A Book by the author of XKCD?  Say. No. More.  What If?  by Randall Munroe


FYI – GAB Back online

From NYT “Overlooked No More”:  Female Teen Pitcher Bests the Babe and Gehrig!!  (limited use paywall)

Giant AI News Anchor Invades China!

Native American Superhero

Public Libraries to Get Narcan


How Not to Get Stuck Playing the Latest Game

New Star Wars TV Series (“No, no, NO! I’m talking about the Spring Tuesday 8 pm Star Wars series, not the Fall Tuesday 8 pm….”)

New Reveals for Watership Down

Naming Rights for the Modern Era  (my suggestion would be “Trigger Warning Payne”)

Soviet Era SF Excerpt

Holocaust Tale Comic Up for Auction

New TWD Romance

Hiddelston to Star In Loki Series

The 50 Greatest Genre Debut Novels?

Intro to Hard SF

Is That Where Klingons Came From?

Mini Strandbeest with Adam Savage


Lets Take Irish SF Seriously (after all, there is a Worldcon coming)

Game Developer Raises Stakes in ST:Discovery- Tardigrade Lawsuit and More Explanation

“Cheat” or Game Aid?  Hardly Matters When Police Raid Your House

Video Explains SF for Mid-Grade Audience

Rowling Disses Sanders with 1984 Reference

Trimbles Now “Waiting to see” regarding Arisia GoH Appearance

Dust Expands

New SF&F This Month

Short Fiction Roundup for October


Music of the Spheres:  The Sounds of Martian Sunrise

Wow, who’d u thunk science actually worked!?  Scientists identified the depleting ozone later, identified the causes, proposed solutions;  reluctantly politicians implemented those solutions and – Behold!  The Ozone Layer is Recovering!

Wonders Never Cease: We Can’t Get to Mars, but at least You Can Vote from Orbit

New Record for Oldest Figurative Art Found in Borneo

Now We Know Musk is Losing It:  Designs for “Mini Big Falcon Rocket” on the drawing board

Eye Sperm Recruited for Drug Delivery System

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