AMAZING NEWS: 11/18/18


Family Works At Distributing Diverse Books Across the Country

Bill Maher Apparently Doesn’t Like Comics and The Pushback

Here’s what A.I. Ought to be Good At:  Inspirational Posters (well, that didn’t go well).  Generate your own.

Kids Really Are Getting Worse.  Here’s One Take On Why (guess they haven’t seen the Socrates T)

Some Kids Are Getting Better:  Superheroes for Girls

…and The Evolution of Women in SF  Film


FANAC – Fan History:  Magicon Video Art Widner Interview

Howard DeVore Collection Going On Sale

GRRM Interview:  He Thought A Song of Ice and Fire was going to be a short story

Piccard Said “Make it so”.  Actor Pushed to make new Trek show “new and different”.  Won’t that be a change!

Stan Lee’s Best

Thirty Best SF Comics

OK.  Change of Tack:  How About Queer Icons of Horror?

A Roundup of SF Art From Deviantart (Paul would fit right in)

Audible Fantasy Books for Download

If You Still Are Not Getting Enough Trek, Try This New Podcast

Watchmen Movie Got Everything Right, and Missed the Whole Point

Concept Art for Disney’s Spider-Man (not paying for it unless it lets me shoot a web and swing across the park on it)

17 of the Best SF Books About Colonization


Boskone Releases Panel Diversity Info

More Tributes to Stan and Discussions of How We Remember

Writing Erotica (Porn) is a Hallowed Get-By Tradition Among SF Authors.  Here’s  A Modern Take

William Goldin, Princess Bride Author, Gone

Del Arroz Abandons Twittter?

Reactions to Getting, or Not Getting, Into SDCC This Year

Are Superheroes Bad Role Models?

New Releases

And More New Releases

Chuck Wendig Saga, Vol. 3

Mira Grant Novel Optioned for Film


Leave the Earth Behind

“Singing Through Brain Surgery” ought to have been the name of a Fanzine, not an actual headline

Space.Com Author Makes His Run at the Fermi Paradox

Kinda Sciencey:  A Comparison of Exoskeletons

Teaching A.I.  Common Sense.  (The first hurdle will be explaining that that phrase is an oxymoron)

Russia.  Nuclear Rockets.  Just Sayin.

Coming Around Again:  Is Science Research Stagnant?

Right Up This ‘Ballers Alley:  Paintballs Used to Simulate Asteroid Impacts

In Orbit Satellite Servicing (check the tire pressure, sir?)

Not Like the Rest of Us:  New Form of Life Discovered

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