AMAZing is on AMAZon

Amazing Stories, now on Amazon!

If you are a regular visitor to the site, you’ll reckognize the title of this post as a reference to what happens when you type “AMAZ” into your address bar – your browser will try to suggest “Amazon” or “AmazingStories”, likely the opposite of wherever you are intending to go.

Well, frown no more at your address bar – Amazing Stories can now be ordered on Amazon.

The Kindle (electronic) edition is now available at

We’ll have other goodies shortly.  For now, we’ve got the latest magazine issue, several of our retro facsimile editions and several of the annual anthologies on offer.  You can see them here.

And just in case you were wondering about everything that will eventually be listed (and a checklist for you completists) below, a gallery of all of the magazines, comics, novels, anthologies and facsimile editions we currently offer (if you can’t find the books on Amazon, head on over to FuturesPastEditions, our authorized licensee.

If you got to the end of this gallery and said to yourself, “wow, I had no idea they’ve produced so much already!” you’d pretty much be saying what we say to ourselves!

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