AMAZING NEWS: 7-29-2018

Hugo Award voting closes soon, the dynamic duo go Trekkie, Romance Writer’s chat tonight and lots more

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Hugo Awards voting closes on July 31st, just two days from now.  If you are eligible to vote, get your ballots done!


Tech Enabling Hate

Female Physicist Writes 270 Wikipedia Entires about Female Scientists (yes, there are actually quite a few)

Once Again:  Why Bigots Are Bad At Writing (though it is important to remember that not all bad writers are bigots)

KSR Interviewed About Climate Change


Commentary on the Trump Administration… from 1935

Harlan Goes Hollywood

In case you missed it:  Tribute to Harlan Ellison at SDCC (sound recording)

Trailers from ComicCon

Spock will be on Star Trek: Discovery, Season 2

In the classic vein of Young People Read Old SF:  Young People Try Old Technologies (via Lucy Carol)

Ready Player One gets the treatment

Game of Thrones Scotch

Where Do Authors Come From? (via Marcus Bales)

Fill ‘er Up Ma’am?

The Dynamic Duo Meet Star Trek in this Brilliant Mashup

Do Not Disturb the Slumber of Ancient Horrors Sleeping in Martian Lakes (via File 770)

Carrie Fisher’s General Organa Will Appear in Star Wars IX


World Fantasy Award Finalists Announced

Romance Writer’s Chat:  Tonight!

Crowd Funding for a New Peter Pan Flick

Grief Counseling at ComicCon

More Support for James Gun. vaguery from Glenn Close and Bible verses from Chris Pratt

NEW:  Carson of Venus Tales

Pulps For Sale (soon)

Short (flawed) History of Hugo Gernsback

Join The Heinlein Society you could win a complete Virginia Edition set


Martian Lake Could Harbor Microbial Life

The Moon May Have Harbored Life (via File 770)

The Dragon Springtail – Scourge of Australian Slime Molds

Einstein’s Theories Just Keep Getting Confirmed

Longest Blood Moon in History

Mars & Saturn from the Hubble

Hadfield on the Best Photos Taken From Space

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