Lost in Space 2018: Review Supplement

If you’re going to get Lost in Space, do it in the past too.,

As further commentary on Netflix’s Lost in Space 2018, we offer these links:

Lost in Space Original series, 1965 – 1968

Plenty to binge watch there – 83 episodes over 3 seasons

Sure, at first it was Monster of the Week in Space, and then, later, it was Let’s Get Campy in Space, but at least in those two contexts, its largely possible to ignore the stupid.

If you’ve got Hulu or want to expend a free trial, you can watch it here

If you don’t have Hulu,. you can start watching it here, on Youtube.

Are you a fan?  Here’s Lost in Space Forever, a fan site, and here’s a Facebook group.

Come on.  Who didn’t build that Aurora Gaint Cyclops model kit…?

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