TV Review: Arrow Flash Cross Over

flash-arrow-crossover-episode-logoThis week The Flash, the spin off show of Arrow had an epic crossover. Both Barry (The Flash) and Oliver Queen (Arrow) needed help with a case they were working, and this time decided to work together. But it didn’t go exactly to plan.

Oliver was reluctant to help Barry, but after Felicity twisted his arm he agreed to help, but that actually involved him training Barry. What Barry was looking for was help with a metahuman, one who can make people turn on each other. Barry thinks he doesn’t need Oliver’s training, but after going after the metahuman on his own he proves that Oliver is right. While Barry’s body tries to fight off the power of the metahuman’s control, it is released slowly through his body and he turns really angry. After getting angry with Eddie there is only one person that can calm Barry, but that involves fighting him and beating him.

The result? A good old superhero fight. This has to be one of the best scenes I’ve seen in a comic book adaptation TV show. Sure, in Smallville we had a lot of the Justice League heroes pop up at some point, but we didn’t get an epic battle like this.

I am really loving these two shows, and I really hope that the cross over episodes continue to come. Who knows, maybe DC will release another spin off?


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