SFPA Celebrates New Board Members & 40 Years of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Poetry

Visit with members of the SFPA at Cons & Readings near you.

February 1, 2018

On behalf of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association the SFPA is pleased to announce that following an international vote, F.J. Bergmann has been selected as our new Vice-President and Renee Ya has been selected as our new secretary.

F.J. Bergmann is no stranger to the SFPA and has stepped away from her five-year run as the editor of Star*Line Magazine to step into the role as Vice President. She is the poetry editor for Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, and is the managing editor for MadHat Press. As she completes her 10th year of membership with us, we look forward to her experience, insight, and vision assisting our efforts in building vibrant cultural spaces around the world for speculative poetry & poets.

Renee Ya is a Hmong American writer, photographer, and space shaman who has volunteered at SFPA for the last three years. When she’s not saving the world, she’s a Project Manager in the video game industry. Her skills and firm grasp of the underpinnings of the SFPA will be of use as the SFPA expands our programs and outreach this year.

If you’re a lover/writer of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror Poetry, and you’ve never heard of the SFPA, consider giving us a visit on Facebook, at our website, or checking out an issue of Star*Line.

The SFPA is an international organization celebrating it’s 40th year in 2018. It is the home of the Rhysling, Elgin, and Dwarf Star awards and has hosted an overwhelming amount of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror talent within the pages of Star*Line. We will be hosting independent celebration events with members making appearances at ComicCons, Poetry Readings, and other Speculative Fiction forums around the world throughout the entire year. To see if there is an event near you, follow us on social media.

What is science fiction/fantasy poetry? The definition is broad with results as diverse as speculative fiction. It’s poetry with some element of speculation—usually science fiction, fantasy, or horror, though some include surrealism and some straight science. Yes, that means alien love triangles. Yes, that means ghost cats and ghouls. Yes, that means epic sagas and magic. And poets in cosplay.

If you’re a writer or reader of the fantastic, consider becoming a part of a thriving international community dedicated to the weird, wonderful, and wickedly written. Join the SFPA today. Our

membership is one of the most affordable, our reading material is tasty, and our goggles see through walls*.

Visit us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/sfpoetry/

Twitter: @sfpoetry

Online: sfpoetry.com and specpo.wordpress.com

*Due to unprecedented popularity our x-ray goggles are out of stock except in alternate dimensions. Join now to reserve your pair.


If you would like more information, please contact Melanie Stormm at the email address or phone number provided. She doesn’t bite. That much.

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