Review: Brad Lansky and the Result War

The latest installment of the escapades of space explorers Brad Lansky and Alex John is now out, available from Protophonic Productions. Brad Lansky and the Result War by writer J.D. Venne picks up where Rogue Era left off, answering a lot of questions and opening up a few more.

Earth is in an elliptical orbit following a rogue planet’s near miss of only a few thousand kilometers, nudging our planet inward toward the Sun and much closer to Venus. The harsh environment arising from extreme weather changes, unbearably cold winters and insufferable heat during the summers, has humanity looking for answers from the G.A.I.A. (General Artificial Intelligence Assembly), a collective of A.I.’s throughout the Sol System.

After it is discovered that someone is hacking and manipulating the mind of off-grid human friend Dr. Brinn Diaz, Brad and Alex find themselves at an outpost in Antarctica facing alien lifeforms they’ve never encountered before and embroiled in a mystery that could change humanity forever.

Each episode is a stand-alone story that follows our heroes, so you can jump right in with number 7 – Brad Lansky and the Result War or go back and experience the journey in chronological order.

No. 1 – Brad Lansky and the Alien Planet

No. 2 – Brad Lansky and the Alien Engineer

No. 3 – Brad Lansky and the Face of Eternal

No. 4 – Brad Lansky and the Anti-Starc

No. 5 – Brad Lansky and the 4D-Verse

No. 6 – Brad Lansky and the Rogue Era

No. 7 – Brad Lansky and the Result War

Protophonic advertises that “the pictures are better in sound” and encourages listeners to fully absorb the story by relaxing comfortably with quality headphones. The acoustic effects are both impacting to the experience of the drama as well as lengthy distractions at times. But the strength of the voice actors it what helps tie the emotion of the story with the audio imagery, allowing the listener to receive the most satisfaction, reminiscent to the old broadcasts of the golden age radio.

With a well scripted story intertwined with unique audio special effects, Brad Lansky and the Result War is one of those rare experiences that modern fans of science fiction should try.

The cast of Brad Lansky and the Result War include:

Brad Lansky – Explorer – by Dieter Zimmermann
Alex John – Brad’s friend and co-pilot – by Matthew Roberts
Dr Brinn Diaz – Off-grid human – by Susan Danford
Mythaxium – GAIA Core A.I. – by Jeremy Crutchley
Benny – Entomologist – by Luke Turnbull
Lowlife – Biohacker – by Stephen Jennings
News reader – by Wiseman Sithole
Thugs – by Marty Kintu and Kevin Stoloff
Brinn as young girl – by Zoe Zimmermann
Suit/Ankaan – Rogue Planet Alien – by Jennifer Beattie

Full Advantage – Brad’s exploration vessel – by Jennifer Beattie
Solefuge – Sol System warship – by Nigel Vermaas

Production credits for Brad Lansky and the Result War are listed as:

Written by J.D. Venne
Produced by Dieter Zimmermann
Directed by Stephen Jennings
Mixed by Protophonic Productions
Mastered by Tim Lengfeld

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